Chapter 23: His Last Lie

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Shuichi lay in bed, eyes cast towards the ceiling as the fragile darkness danced along his eyeline. He'd had a busy day and it was only until a few hours ago that he'd been unable to eat or rest or even take a moment for himself to breathe.

After the apprehension of DICE's mission coordinator, Minerva, Kokichi had devised a tremendous plan to rid the world of the Phantom Thief for good.

The organisation had created another calling card just for the occasion and Shuichi was instructed to take it to his office and alert the agency that this would be the Phantom Thief's final appearance. The aim was to attract as many observers to the event as possible, the police force and higher authority especially.

And that is what brought Shuichi running into his office, out of breath and collapsing over the reception desk and rambling on about how this was their 'last chance' to end the wild goose chase once and for all.

"This was left outside my apartment," he said, holding himself up on the desk, "we need the entire police force there so he can't escape! We can't let him get away."

His uncle inspected the card. "You're quite right there, Shu. I'm going to take this off your hands. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Cool. See you then."

After that, Shuichi raced home and threw himself into bed. He'd eaten and washed and now, he felt better. Replenished like thriving crops. His bed felt like the softest, comfiest cloud, finally at peace.

However, there was something that bothered him which disturbed that heavenly tranquility. Upon inquiry of what this genius plan was specifically, Kokichi simply brushed it off and informed him of three things that he must do: act natural, do not break character and do not at any point do anything stupid. It was unsettling and left an unnerving hole in his gut. What did he have in mind? He didn't know what that meant, but he'd find out tomorrow.

The thought frayed and disintegrated in his mind as he put it to rest, left dormant until it was time for it to awaken. It was time to get some well deserved rest.


When he woke up the next day, the time had come. It was the big day. Something didn't feel right, it plagued him even now. Maybe it was the nerves, or the uncertainty that things would go smoothly, whatever said things were. Maybe it was that overwhelming fear of the unknown which overrode his conscience. He couldn't focus on it now, however.

Shuichi picked up his phone and logged into Powwow. It had been a while since he last used the app so he hoped none of his more social friends had deleted him, though that was the least of his worries.

He clicked on Kokichi's chat with a sheepish smile, noticing he was online and typed in a greeting.

Shuichiiii♡: Good morning. How did you sleep?

PANTALORD42069247: Like a baby!!!!
PANTALORD42069247: Today's the big day!! Are you ready

Shuichiiii♡: As I'll ever be. By the way, it's really bugging me how you never clarified what the plan was.

PANTALORD42069247: Like I said
PANTALORD42069247: The plan is to act natural!!!

There it was again. That driving point he kept reinforcing whenever the topic was brought up. It was suspicious. He knew he had to reenact a heist, but why was Kokichi so reluctant to explain what to do?

Shuichiiii♡: That's not informative!

PANTALORD42069247: You'll understand later on thenn
PANTALORD42069247: Okie dokie gtg - evil leader duties!
PANTALORD42069247: Buh bye ♡
PANTALORD42069247: Don't be late

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