Love or Distraction

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If I really gave you my heart
Could I trust you
Would you hold me up?

Is it love or a distraction
Starting with someone new
Is it wrong for me to look,
For her inside of you

I'm trying to move on
To give you my all
But every time I think of her
What we built begins to fall

In time I'll get better
I promise you this
But if you can't wait
I won't throw a fit

If you're still with me
The day she returns
Would you be okay
If my feelings also returned

I can't say I don't love her
Cause I believe she was made for me
Not just in this life
But for every other one, for eternity

Maybe the love will burn out
And if you're still there
Then I promise you
You'll finally have my heart

I'm trying....

-Aleah Givens

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