Chapter 3: Oh My God, They Were Roommates!

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Driving back took forever, so Chan decided to use this time to bother Jisung. "So, your boyfriend is finally flirting with you, after months of just winking?"

"I-He's not my boyfriend," Jisung stressed.

"Not yet," Changbin mumbled, apparently not as quietly as he believed because Chan had snorted and Jisung got ready to protest.

After unable to find a reasonable response, Jisung just whined, "shut up," and looked away, pouting.

(Time Skip! Woo woo!)

Agh! Changbin flopped onto the couch, arriving home from work late. Again. Not much happened for the rest of the day, though that looming heat never left Changbin. Poor Jisung would disagree that nothing happened, making sure to point out what a terrible day he had before leaving. Jisung had stubbed his toe on his desk, acted extremely hurt, then fell to the ground, hitting his head on the desk. He clutched his foot, held his head and quoted, 'Why are we still here, just to suffer?' Changbin snorted at the memory.

"Tired, Binnie Binnie?" Felix cooed, seeing his boyfriend face planted into the coach. 'Ah,' Changbin thought, 'I guess he slipped down here after hearing me arrive.'

A mumbled "Mmmm," was all Changbin responded with, sue to his face currently being smooshed deeper into the couch.

"Let's go up to bed, yeah?" Felix whispered, tugging on Changbin's hand.

Following Felix upstairs groggily, he flopped into their bed. After trying, and failing, to take off his shirt, Felix came over and cooed at his boyfriend again. Felix said softly, "Aw, not gonna get ready? Here, let me help."

Changbin sighed after his clothes were removed (he's still wearing underwear, nasties) and slipped straight into bed. Drifting off quickly, he felt a kiss on his forehead and a toy pushed into his arms. Pouting, Changbin made grabby hands at Felix. After feeling a dip in the bed, Changbin smiled and drifted off.


I should mention Chan and Changbin are, or were, roommates. (Oh my god, they were roommates!) However Chan traded with Felix, so he could be with his boyfriend. (Also, thank you Felix for being the number one boyfriend.)

Chan and Woojin are now roommates. I should mention that Woochan is implied, but can be platonic. (They're just soft cuddly babies uwu)

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