chapter 2

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Apparently, when you aren't enjoying an event, every minute feels like hours, that was exactly how Harry felt during the meeting, he sighed of relief when it was finally over.

"alright mr.tomlinson, I'll send a copy of the documents to your office" Liam spook, he was done, he wanted out, he stood up and shook mr.tomlinsons hand.

"thank you mr.payne, have a wonderful birthday son"

Harry was staring at the papers, it was obvious that he wasn't reading it, he didn't want to talk to Liam, he was just as hurt as he was.

"thank you, see you at 6" he replied, taking Louis hand in his ready to fly out of the company to celebrate.

Harry looked confused, he looked at them with questioning eyes, hoping someone would explain.

"oh, yeah Mr.styles you are invited too! Louis gonna throw a party for Liam's birthday" mr.tomlinson was too excited for this and harry hated it, he hated how he forgot his best friend's birthday, he hated how it used to be just two of them and now he is, well, alone.

Harry looked at Liam, wondering why he didn't get the invitation straight from him, then he remembered the argument.

"thank you Mr.tomlinson but I'm busy and it's the middle of the week, I don't think I can make it," he said, as polite as he could, he was burning, he wanted to snatch Liam from Louis' hands.

"aw well, that's a shock" Liam mumbled, "let's go I don't wanna waste any more time" he said loudly, kissing Louis' cheek.

Yeah that meant staying with Harry was a waste of time, Harry was a waste of time, and if you listened closely, you could hear Harry's heartbreaking.

"aw but harry it'll be fun, I'll be there too" Kendall suggested, she didn't know that little bit of information made harry hate showing up even more.

"thank you, miss.Jenner, but I think I'll pass" Harry replied, trying his hardest not to roll his eyes at her and snap at her for calling him harry, he collected his files and straightened his tie, watching everyone leaving the room, except Kendall, "can I help you Miss.jenner?" harry asked, standing in front of her, looking dead in her eyes.

"actually Mr.styles, I think I can help you" she whispered, pointing at harry chest, biting her lips, harry wasn't shocked, disgusted yeah, but it wasn't her first time, so he just chuckled, backing away, "you know you want it, I'll be at the party, you need to let loose" she licked his ear as she whispered, she left the room just like that, it was definitely her first time being touchy like this.

"ugh, ew" harry took a tissue and cleaned his ear.

It was lunch break and harry needed some coffee to function the rest of the day, he could've asked his assistant to bring him his coffee, but he wanted to be around his workers, he wanted them to feel his presence too, so he made his way to the break room, when he opened the door the room fell on a deadly silence, he wanted to say something, to make a comment, try to be friendly, but he just couldn't, so he just made his coffee and left, and not the second after, he could hear people chatting again 'am I that scary?' he thought, but he couldn't do anything about it, so he just shrug it off and went back to his office.

Through the glass walls, he could see someone in his office, he thought about it, no one has a meeting with him at this time of the day, before he can ask Mrs.hills stood up "Mr.styles, um mr.tomlinson wanted to talk to you, I told them-"

"it's fine, bring him a coffee too"

She nodded and ran to the break room, he took a deep breath, it wasn't a good sign, why did wanted to talk alone?

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