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When we arrived to his flat the silence was still permeating the air all around us.

I sent him a little glance as soon as he parked the car, trying to determine the mood he was in to see if it would've been a good idea to say something or not. I could understand why he was mad, but it also didn't make that much sense for him to be. It had happened, I hadn't done it on purpose, and it wasn't like arguing about it would've changed anything.

He sat there, staring right ahead, for some seconds, whatever was going through his head completely unknown to me, and then he sighed. "Let's go" he muttered, his voice low, and I suddenly knew that he definitely was still mad. Not like he'd been before, when he'd made his feelings clear through his words and actions, but a more tamed version of it, that I could only recognise as him being pissed because he wasn't as playful.

I just gave him a little nod, not wanting to risk another argument on the street, and I followed him as he got out of the car, frowning when the cold air of the night hit me.

I crossed my arms over my chest as I waited for him to open the front door, realising only in that moment that I'd forgotten my coat - with all my belongings - at Joel's house. I closed my eyes for a second, realising what a stupid move it had been. Would he have even returned them? Or would I have had to go to his house to get them back? Yet another thing to add to the list of stupid choices I'd made that night. I didn't even dare to think what Harry would've said when I would've told him about that one as well.

He unlocked the main door and pushed it open with his hand, waiting for me to get inside the building before doing the same.

I followed him upstairs, not even knowing what I was doing there. I didn't know why he'd decided to take me to his house, instead of mine - I wasn't even sure I wanted to ask, if I had to be honest. I was quite sure I wouldn't have liked the answer.

He opened the door to his small apartment and I walked in, a quick look around making me realise that he wasn't a particularly tidy person, considering that the table next to the entrance and part of the floor around that spot were covered in books.

I stepped over some written notes in silence to get to the centre of the room, knowing better than to comment on his messiness in that moment.

He threw his coat on the couch, and I realised only then that, even though he hadn't been wearing it, he'd had it with him the whole time. He'd left it in his car, maybe? Whatever he'd done, it was clear that he was way more organised than I could've ever been when it came to things like that.

He gave me a once over, seeming to notice the state I was in way quicker than I had. "You forgot your coat, didn't you?" He asked, his question coming out more like a statement, as if he just knew I had, as it fit some kind of criteria that he'd already established as belonging to me.

I didn't say anything, but I gave him a little shrug, knowing that he already perfectly knew the answer to that question.

"Just what we needed" he mumbled to himself, and I would've probably got mad at him because of the tone he'd used, if it wasn't that he was right. That one had definitely been a messy night, certainly not one of my best.

I followed him with my gaze as he walked past me again and fumbled with his coat, quickly taking his phone out of the pocket and looking at it for a few seconds before pressing it to his ear.

"Indigo?" He said not too long after, and I pursed my lips as soon as I realised he'd called my best friend. Her finding out about what had happened was definitely the last thing I needed, but I knew it would've been inevitable. She had to know, if we didn't want the situation to turn into an even bigger mess. "Yeah, we left. Joel found out" he continued, explaining quickly and concisely. "Raine forgot his coat there, do you think you can grab it for her? Good." He glanced at me as he spoke, his eyes burning into mine, seeming to be listening to what she was saying. "I'll tell her."

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