See you again

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                          Daveeast Pov

Yeah, so your boy can't stop thinking about Lil ma. Karin just had a nigga whipped by looking at her. She got me under her spell and I like it.

I was wondering when I am going to get to see Lil shawty again. I got a call for this chick I fucked with. Her name is Millie. She is light skin with a nice body.

"Yo what up?" I spoked through the phone.

"I am outside." She hung up. See why I should move. These women nowadays would do anything for clouts. But I need my dick sucked. I got up off my ass and went and open the door.

"Hey, babe." She said I let her slide because I am really horny.

"Hey look I wanna get my dick sucked nothing else," I told her straight forward I ain't for all that long talk and conversation. She looked at me shocked like she don't know the nigga I am.

"Let's get started then." She said as she made her way to my room. She got down on her knees and went to work.

    Fuck this girl give the best heads ever. After I got my nut that was it for the both of us.

    "Why we never had sex?" "Cause everyone ran through you," I told her as simple as that. She left with an attitude but who gives a fuck.

    But then Karin came back to my mind. Maybe I should call her or sum.

                       Karin Pov

   I was now finished by doing my hair. I don't really like to pay people to put there hands in my head. I was starting to fall asleep.

   I woke up to my phone ringing. It was an unknown number. I answer it. When I heard the voice I smiled. It was from Dave. Omg, that man so fine. He told me he was coming over.

    I have to go and my face. Don't get me mistaken for them bitches who don't was their pussy. Mine is fresh.

    I was done and I got a message saying he is downstairs. I went down the stairs and open the door for him. He was looking at my appearance. I don't know what he was seeing cause I had on something simple.

 I don't know what he was seeing cause I had on something simple

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    I know the hair look on fleek. We went to my living room to sit and talk.

Dave- so you're new to down here

Me- Yeah

Dave- Don't you have any family that misses you?

Me- No my mom and dad or dead and I don't know anyone else from none of the sides.

Dave- That is sad at least you have me now.

   I know he was trying to lighten up the room. He made me feel special. I love being around him. He end up watching movies and falling asleep.

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