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"Hey, you walking home today, Y/n?"

Ah! Fun fact, Seán lived a street away from your home. You saw him leave his house and drive to school every morning he was timetabled to attend, as you walked right by to make it to the main road which lead straight to Paragon College. It was a mere fifteen minute walk, thus you preferred to make a wise choice to get your steps in, choose the healthier option and walk it, as opposed to wasting fuel on driving there. However, it all came down to personal preference, so you kept an open mind to everyone's decisions.

Pulling the zipper of your jacket, you swiped your bag up and slid it on as you answered with: "I sure am. Don't I always?"

A couple notes of smooth, angelic laughter emitted from him. "Aye, but have you seen the weather, lass? You'll be drenched by the time you get home." He made a distinct gesture towards the window, presenting the heavy downpour of rain, ebony clouds and soaked outdoors.

The world looked sad, the plants drooping with the burdensome weight of belligerent rain battered on the ground and whatever lay upon it. You remembered yo had left your mother's flowers out in the garden, and surely they would have drowned, dead by the time you reached home.

You sighed. The weather man this morning had certainly not forecast horrendous showers, otherwise you would have brought an umbrella.

"I can give you a lift home, if you want. I'm sure it'd be pretty shitty if you got sick over the weekend," offered Sean, smiling a touch.

Picking up in pace, your heart could hardly contain the burst of joy. Blinking wildly, you stared at Seán in utter disbelief. "A l-lift?" You cleared your throat, swiftly removing your locked and most likely uncomfortable gaze away from him.

Before you could say no, he interjected. "You've helped me out plenty of times, so it's not like I don't owe you."

A crackle of thunder filtered through the sky, accompanied by a strike of white lightning.

"All right," you said, eventually. "I hope it's not a bother for you."

He chuckled. "I wouldn't have asked ya if it was going to be."

Strolling through the hallways, it seemed to be just the two of you meandering through the school until you reached the exit. The car park was flooded with students, either waiting to be picked up by a bus, friend or family member under the shelter, or dashing across the parking lot to jump into their cars and make way for home. Tempted to run, you switched to a brisk walk as you exposed yourself to the rain pelting down from the skies above. You broke into a jog, keeping up with Seán as you gripped your backpack straps and held your jacket together over your chest.

Instantly, upon diving into the passenger's seat, you rubbed your hands together. The rain had a cold bite to it, chilling your fingers to the bone. You cupped them and blew hot breath as soon as your seat belt was fastened in.

After starting the engine, Seán reversed from the parking space, and refrained from uttering a word.

Silence... It lasted a dreadful few more moments than you had liked, yet safe driving was preferable if it meant falling quiet, as opposed to him acting like a fool, leading to either one of you getting hurt: slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

"What station do you fancy listening to?" He asked.

"Anything really, I'm not bothered."

He pulled into a gas station. After filling the tank, he went to pay, and returned with a plastic bag. In it, he retrieved a small bar of chocolate for you, one for himself, and tucked whatever was remaining in the bag into the side pocket of his car door. Curious, you tried to catch a glimpse, but your efforts fell fruitless.

"So, Valentine's Day is coming up," he said, breaking the quiet before it fell into another spell of silence.

Why he brought up that was beyond you. "Indeed it is," you replied, in a low monotone.

"Got anyone special?" He asked, his lips curving into a grin as he wiggled his brows.

You giggled and shook your head. "No, no, I haven't. You?" Small talk was beginning to get on your nerves, but it was a necessity for getting to know him a little bit better. So far, you only knew of his interest in games and that he always accessed his school work with his head high, confidence in full gear, and transferred the best effort he could in the given circumstances.

His answer was well awaited. Your stomach knotted and churned; you begged whatever gods may be out there for him to say he hadn't. If the knowledge that he had someone special was brought to light, it would hurt more than anything.

"Nah." You sighed at his response, relieved. "I do like this one girl though," he added.

Never mind, then; your heart had already sunk into your stomach, suffocating in unbearable, concealed disappointment.

A few minutes passed. A long few minutes, never ending to force you to sit uncomfortably in the passenger seat of your crushes car, staring at the gliding scenery. Before you knew it, Seán pulled up outside of your home. You thanked him, grabbed your bag, and rushed inside to escape the grim weather.

Saturday morning brought a soft knock at your bedroom door, a squeak as it opened a touch, and the calm voice of your mother. "Y/n, hon, I have something for you," she said, sliding something onto the bedside table.

Stirring, you rolled onto your side and drew back the covers. Groggy, you rubbed your strained eyes and yawned, sitting up, tucking strands of your knotted hair behind your ears. "What is it, ma?" But all questions were answered the second you glanced to what she had left on your bedside table.

Your mother lingered in the doorway for a moment, smiled, and shut the door after she left.

Eager, you tore open the envelope, revealing a greeting card. Decorated with cherry red glitter, you ran a thumb over the balloon heart held by a small teddy bear in the centre. The bold words "Happy Valentine's" caused a skitter in your own heart. You opened it up and you couldn't hold back the smile from forming a cheesy grin.

[Date? :)

How does Valentine's Day sound?

             -Seán. ]

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