Psychology facts about love ❤️

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There's a 79% chance that the person you know in real life that you can't get off your mind is thinking about you just as much
When you like someone you don't realize you are looking at them most of the time
Proven girls are most attracted to guys with sense of humour
It takes 15 days for a woman to fall in love mean just 8.2 seconds
You are more likely to be easily attracted to someone you have no chance with
Not arguing or fighting in a relationship represents a lack of interest
You realize you love someone when you want them to be happy even if it's not with you
A crush lasts only 4 months if the crush still continues it means you're in love
When a guy like a girl he'll look her in the eye , when a girl likes a guy she'll look away
You'll fall in love seven times before you get married

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