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In absolutely no way whatsoever does this story promote any acts of violence. It is a work of fiction and any event that takes place is completely made up. Do not let it inspire you to harm others. It is created to entertain, not for the intentions of wrong doing.

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In terms of the creation of this book, I would like to practice writing the character 'Antisepticeye' and writing Seán McLoughlin. So, it is merely a collection of my practising for purposes of the readers entertainment.

This work of fiction is listed as MATURE as it contains graphic descriptions of violence, sexual activity, verbal and physical abuse.
You have been warned, therefore I do not expect any hate against the mature content and nature of this book.

Following the wattpad guidelines, this work was not created with the intentions to arouse. Think of it more as adult content. If you aren't mature enough to read sexual content then simply, don't read.

Note: For one shots, they will be fluff only.
For smutshots, as the title suggests there will be lemon, therefore I shall put an 《XXX》 beside the chapters with smut in them as a fore warning.

With love, dedicated to my best friend, my saviour whom I cannot live without, my mama bear,

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