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i love you so much but im so scared-
im scared someone else loves you, too, and that you'll end up loving them back and im just being too overprotective, too clingy, too toxic and i need to stop but i don't want to lose you.
you're the light of my world and the reason i check my phone constantly is to see if there are any messages from you because i love you so much and being in a long distance relationship is so hard because soon enough, words on a screen may not be somethin you want to put up with any longer and you'll want to love someone that actually can hold you and kiss you and let you know that you're theirs. i want to be that person. I want to hold you and make you so happy but I can't, not right now at least... But by the time I can, you'll probably not want to be with someone who lives in england- who lives so far away and im sorry...

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