Ani. Why every one use me. Why. She sobbed and dig her face between her legs.


Anika lift her eyes leashes and found seerat standing infront of her.


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Ani. Baby what r u doing here?

S. Aunty why r u crying.

Ani. I'm not crying baby. She said taking her in lap.

S. Don't lie aunty. I saw u wiping ur tears. And don't take me as a kid. I understand things very well.

Ani. Oh so my angel understand everything ha.

Seerat nodded.

Ani. By the way if  I give u permission to call me mummy then will u call me. She said caressing her chubby cheek.

See.  Really aunty sholly mummy.

Ani. Yes baby

See. But mummy bhiyu said u guys will leave this house after few days.

Ani. It's doesn't matter baby If we leave this house u will alwaye be my daughter my little princes .

See. Thank u mummy. She hugged her and kissed her cheek lovingly.  Shivaay who is staring at them got teary eyes to seeing them smiling with each other.

Shiv. Anika seeti. Anika seerat hurriedly got up and stood up holding each other hands. 

Shiv. So what's happening here.  He said folding hand infront of him.

Ani. Huh kuch nhi. She muttered looking here and there.

S. Mummy is lying. U know daddy mummy has given me permission to call her mummy. 

Shiv. Really

S. Yesh

Shiv. That's really good news. 

S. Then take us for ice cream na daddy.

Shiv. I'll surely take u guys for ice cream. But first go and complete ur homework. Then I'll fulfil ur wish.

S. Ok daddy I'll finish my work fastly then we will leave. 

Shiv. That's like a good girl. 

Seerat chirped happily and run out from the kitchen.

Ani. Ma chalti hoo. She avoid looking in his eyes and about to pass by him when he held her hand.

Shiv. What happened Anika.  U didn't even come office today. Is everything alright.

Ani.  Nothing happened shivaay.

Shiv. Don't lie to me ok.  I know something is bothering u.  Now plz like a good girl tell me. What happened.

Anika took a long breath and turned towards him. 

Ani. Look if I'm staying in ur house that's doesn't mean I gave u right to interfere in my life. So plz stay away from my personal life.  She jerk his hand and left from there in anger.

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