Part 21

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Ani. What u didn't marry with her.

Shiv. Yeah I didn't do. I was with her forcefully. When u left after that she had started behaving weirdly. That thing which was I feeling for her. It was not love but a attraction. Which had been got finished with passing time. I had started hating her. Her antics had pissed me off. Often we used to fight on baseless things and mostly she. She used to just search ways to argue with me. After all this I had been got fed up with her so decided to go Europe for some days so that I can relax for sometime but one day she had called and told me she is pregnant with my baby. It was a big shock for me. I mean I had never touched her. I agreed we were sharing relationship but we never developed that relation which people usually keep. She always tried to intimate with me but I always shrugged her off by saying I'm not ready for this. But when she gave me news about baby then it was not more then a shock for me. Bcz that girl whom I never touched how Can she get pregnant. Even I had confronted her but she said we had sex on my birthday which had held before a month. I was drunk so don't remember but it's my baby I agree or not.i was so distressed with it. But I composed myself and asked her I'm coming back as she needs me. But she said I don't need to come. Mom is there for take care  of me. Even my mom asked me to stay there. I was confused by their behaviour but I shrugged it off and remained there. And when seeti came in this world she called me and told me about her and said to me to come back. After coming back I asked her for  Marry as there is no option left but she said she don't wanna marry neither she wants seeti. She is her unwanted child she can't waste her whole life for this kid.  after argues and  fight atlast she left me.

Anika removed her gaze from his face and look at floor in deep thoughts.

Ani. Hmm u take rest I'm going. She about To go but shivaay held her hand.

Shiv. Won't u ask me about my condition after tia's departure

Ani. No I don't think so it's needed. She removed her hand from his grip and walked off living him with sad face.

In morning

Shivaay came at dining table and found Anika is lost somewhere.

Shiv. What happened.

Ani. Huh nothing.

Shiv. Kuch to huva ha. Won't u tell me. I'm sure u will feel light.

Anika remove his hand from her arm and smile at him.

Ani. My pain will increase if I'll share with u.

Shiv. Anika Asa mat kaho and tell me what happened.

Ani. Nothing. She didn't tell him and left him in dilemma.

After sometime.

Ani. Dad I can't come back in that house where my son dont have any place. She shouted at her father in phone who is convincing her to come back but she can't bring  her baby there.

Tej. Anika don't be stupid and come back. Moreover u have found father of shahveer. So leave him with him and come back to ur parents. We will make u marry with someone else.

Ani. I don't need to marry with someone. Stop asking me again and again. And I know why are u asking me for coming back. My birthday is coming and u know if I don't come back to home then u will loss everything which u were getting as my caretaker.  isn't uncle ji.

Tej. Behave Anika. I'm not ur uncle. I'm ur father.

Ani. Yes my step father isn't. And told ur wife. I'm not coming back. Be happy with ur son virat. Good bye mr tej. Don't call me ever. Saying this she shut the phone and set there leaning to the slab.

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