Chapter 2: Little Coffee Break [Minsung]

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"Ooh, ooh! Let's stop there!" Jisung called out enthusiastically, after seeing his favourite cafe.

"Fine, Jisungie," Chan replied, knowing he wouldn't be able to battle the younger.

Having been to the cafe too many times, Chan knew Jisung would whine if they don't go. Complaining that every other place was, "not good enough," or "it's just not as satisfying." Besides, it did make Chan happy seeing Jisung happy. I mean, it's not like the food was bad

Chan and Changbin also knew the reason why Jisung always wanted to go there. No it wasn't food, it had to do with two words. Lee Minho. Yes, it was true, Han Jisung had a crush on the Lee Minho, the huge flirt. Jisung always told Chan and Changbin, 'we're getting closer, I know it' and 'I swear I'll talk to him soon.'

Arriving at the cafe, Chan noticed Minho quickly pop up to take their order. Going as far as pushing his coworker, Seungmin out of the way. Chan could've sworn Jisung's breathing hitched upon noticing Minho's face. Jisung, unable to compose himself, stuttered out, "Um- yeah- I'd like to order a-a hot chocolate, p-please."

"Whipped cream, or no?"

Changbin snickered to Chan, "Oh, he's plenty whipped already."

Chan and Changbin snickered while Jisung finished ordering. Once they had all ordered and received their drinks (Jisung also receiving a wink), they took their normal booth in the corner. (Hermits, like me.)

Chan sighed, looking at his best friend (read: son). He wondered when Jisung would finally realize that, yes, Minho does like him and, yes, Minho enjoys Jisung's company. Noticing Jisung slapping his forehead and his red cheeks, he thought, 'hopeless.' But then again, after looking at the way Minho is staring after Jisung right now, maybe they're both hopeless.

Soon after they were settled, Chan noticed Jisung staring at his cup, still appearing extremely flustered, blush growing by the second. Before being able to react, the oldest snatched the cup from Jisung's hand.

Chan read the cup, ignoring Jisung's whining and protests. It had said, "I'm nuts about you!" With a cute squirrel drawing at the bottom.

"How long do you think he's been planning this?" Chan asked, showing Changbin the cup.

"W-what!?" Jisung sputtered, finally snatching his cup back.

Changbin shrugged, downing his coffee, blaming the continuing feeling of heat on said coffee. Answering nonchalantly, he says, "Probably a couple weeks now, maybe a few months. I mean, he has to build up confidence, right?"

Chan and Changbin both nodded, now turning their attention to Jisung.

"H-huh!?" Jisung stutters out, still completely oblivious.

"Hopeless," Chan finally sighs out. Changbin nodded solemnly, agreeing with him.


I know I said this was a Changlix fic, but I couldn't help myself. Sorry, not sorry. Don't worry though, we'll get back to the main issue.

In case you're as oblivious as Jisung, Minsung is a heavily implied ship. (Might even become canon ;) in this story)

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