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"Dude, are you ok?"
"Hey, Bro!"
"Babes... seriously nothing? That usually always works."

"Ahh!" Roman jumped knocking his chair back with him still in it making the whole room burst into laughter. "Not funny."

"Oh, I think it is." Remy called out before drinking his coffee. Everyone else was to busy laughing still. Well, Patton was quieting down. Remus was not.

"Seriously, it wasn't funny. I couldn't have gotten hurt." Remus shook his head as he smiled.

"I'm sorry, Roman. You're right. It's just it isn't often that you're a clutz." Roman glared over at him as he laughed again. Patton only frowned as Roman sat himself back at the table.

"Hey, Kiddo... Are you feeling alright?" Roman frowned as Patton reached out a hand trying to feel for a fever but sighed getting nothing. "You don't look too good now that I noticed." Everyone seemed to look at Roman with concern but the Prince just waved them off. 

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired. Didn't get very much sleep last night." 

"If you were having trouble sleeping you could've just called me." Remy called over as he set his coffee down. "What was the problem anyway?" Roman couldn't fight the blush.

"N-Nothing! I just... uh... didn't sleep well." Remy narrowed his eyes as the prince awkwardly avoided any gaze. Let's just say the smirk that grazed his lips was not that of an angel.

"So... whips?" Roman choked as Remy chuckled a bit. "No? No, whips ok... Cuffs? Breathplay? Knife play? Electrostimulation? Sadism?" Roman was mortified but Remy continued on. "Sensation play? MASOCHISM?!"

"ENOUGH!" Roman screamed out blushing like a mad man as Remy pointed over at him with that devilish smirk. "We are not talking about this?"

"Just answer me this... who was top and who was bottom?" 

"I'm done here." There was an eruption of no's and laughter as Roman left the room. His face felt on fire. Of course, the son of the sandman would catch on. The dudes a master of dreams. Roman groaned in embarrassed frustration as he slid down the wall trying to cover his face. That was horrible. Remy is such a child but...

He wasn't wrong.

Roman's face was probably as red as his sash at this point. He kept having all these vivid dreams last night and as much as he didn't hate them it was a bit shocking. Again not that Roman hated them. He was actually pretty happy because it made him realize something. 

"Shit what time is it?" Roman jumped up searching for his phone only to smile as he read the time. "He should be getting out about now." Roman raced off towards his destination weaving in and out crowds like a bat out of hell. He was completely out of breath by the time he got there but that smile on his face was unmistakable. He checked his phone one last time before...

"Roman?" The class door opened revealing the VKs with confused faces. Thomas set up a 'Goodness' class on Saturday too. Unfortunately Roman always had meetings them so he couldn't go. But he was going to make sure he got to be with him after. Roman smiled brighter as his eyes met with Virgil's who sunk away a bit before Deceit cut off his view by standing in front of him. "Earth to Prince Assshole. What do you what?"

"I came for Virgil." Deceit eyes flashed and Roman frowned. 

"Do you really think I'd let you go anywhere near him after what you did?" Roman's frown only grew as the chest started getting tight. Was Deceit really not going to let him see Virgil? But...  "Word gets around Princey, and I have my ways of making people talk!"

"I just came to see..."

"It's ok, Cassidy." The snake frowned as he moved away revealing a smiling Virgil. Roman knew he was blushing. Virgil had a way of doing that to him. His smile... his voice... him in general, he just made Roman melt. Virgil's eyes met his again and Roman was frozen where he stood. He couldn't move. He was captivated by his the swirling pools of blue and purple. Forget melting... he was a ghost at this point.

"Are you sure, Virgil?" The boy only nodded as the Vk's left with a very concerned look in all their eyes, especially in Deceits. 

'Hey...' Virgil frowned as the word refused to come out. 

"Virgil!" Roman pulled the boy in hugging him so tightly as he just laughed. When they finally pulled away Virgil was beyond confused and surprised. Roman just smiled as he held Virgil's hand. "You would not believe what I had to go through this morning. I am glad it's over and now we can hang out... that is if you want to."

'Are you...' Roman frowned feeling Virgil start to shake and look away.

"Hey, now storm cloud. You can talk to me. I promise it's ok." Virgil was stunned, to say the least.

"B-But you said..." Roman just smiled at the boy hold his hand close with this look in his eyes Virgil still couldn't identify.

"Please? I want you to talk to me. Forget everything I ever said... none of that matters. I was just an ass who couldn't get his head on straight... or well not straight technically." Roman laughed as he pulled Virgil down the hall into this empty room. 

"Roman, I don't understand."

"It's ok. I didn't either for the longest time. And... that was the problem." Roman pulled away scratching the back of his neck as the blush returned to his cheeks. "But I figured it out now, Virgil. It's all going to be different now. I promise. I just want you to be happy."

"Wait... I thought you hated me. I mean... I can understand you not treating me like shit anymore but... I don't understand." Roman paused as he took in the other's stance. Virgil was guarded, antsy, shifting from one foot to the other, holding his arm against his side, and refusing to meet his eyes. "If this is some sort of a trick..."

"Virgil, no... listen to me." Roman took both his hand reaching up to make Virgil look at him. "I would never try to do that with you. I care about you, Virgil." Virgil's eyes slowly started getting wider as Roman smiled lovingly down at him. "Virgil, I... I love you."

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