[Jikook] Hyung! Help!! [2/2]

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Jungkook's PoV

I looked at the other members performing and back to my plushies. Since I have a playmat placed on the stage, I was laying on my stomach and moved my plushies acting like they are talking to eachother. A sudden figure approached me and I looked up seeing a scary guy with glasses. He smiled at me and said.
"Do you want some toys and candies?" He asked and I nodded after hearing my favorite things. He picked me up and that's when I panicked. I started to thrash around and felt my plushies fell from my hand. He covered my mouth and looked at me with a dangerous look.

"You agreed and I'm giving it to you" He said in a scary voice. I cried and looked at the people but they are too mesmerized by the others performance that they didn't notice me being carried away. I hit his arms but regretted it because he slapped me.
"Don't do that or I'll make it worse" He said making shivers run down my spine and caused me to shake. I looked over to the others again and saw them looking for me. I waved at them and I saw Taehyung hyung gave me a glance and started chasing after us. The guy started running while I hold on tightly so I won't fall. Jimin hyung screamed for my name and chased after us.

After chasing the guy, they eventually caught him and I was put in the arms of Jin hyung.
"Who are you!?!" Namjoon hyung said and punched the guy who smirked.
"Awwww, you guys ruined the fun. Me and Jungkookie were just gonna go to my house and have fun" He said while Jimin hyung punched him again.
"We said who are you!?!" Yoongi hyung said and glared at the guy.
"I'm Junhyuk, My name is Yoo Junhyuk and I'm an anti, happy!?!" He said in an annoyed voice.

"You're Junhyuk? My bully in high school?" I said in a small voice and started shaking. He nodded and smirk.
"Oh, you remembered" He laugh and received a punch from V hyung.
"What are you doing here?" I asked
"Just wanted to see my victim and maybe have some fun" He said smirking making Jimin hyung even more pissed. Jimin hyung was about to punch him when I held his hand.
"Hyung, don't waste your energy on him and let Namjoon hyung to call the cops" I whispered in his ear. He told Namjoon hyung my plan and he nodded getting his phone and called the cops.

/Time skip/

Junhyuk was put in jail because the Hyungs found out what he did to me 2 years ago and him almost harassing me. Jimin hyung is now comforting me because I was still crying but I stopped and sniffled.
"H-hyung, do y-you love m-me?" I asked in a small voice.
"Yes baby, why did you ask" Jimin hyung says.
"It's just--you guys always have to take care if my since I'm sensitive, are you guys not getting tired of me" I whispered but he still heard it. He cupped my cheeks and looked straight to my eyes.

"Baby, we all love you and we would never get tired of you" He said in a serious voice and kissed me. I kissed back and hugged his neck.

"Love you, hyung"
"Love you too, Princess"

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