8. Invited II

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(A/N): This is hecka long so buckle up sis 🤠

(Y/n) POV:

     "Let's go!" Millie exclaims.

I giggle as we bolt out the door and start running towards her car which is parked kind of far.

     We make it to her car and she digs her hand through her purse to find her keys, then she unlocks the car. We drive just a few blocks down the street and arrive to a huge house that doesn't look like a house party was going on inside.

"Are you sure this is the right address?" I ask.

"Yep; Let's go."

she gets out, approaches the front door and knocks three times. I wait patiently in the car, I'm expecting either a college frat boy or an annoyed parent to answer the door.

    The door opens to reveal a guy who didn't look like a frat guy but he definitely looks like a college guy. Millie gives him a hug and talks to him. Does she know him? She gestures for me to get out of the car and I do. I walk to the front door and Millie introduces me to him

"(Y/n), this is my friend Tyler, he invited us."

"Hi, nice to meet you," I hold out my hand and he shook it.


"So do you guys know each other?" I asked.

"oh yeah, me and Tyler go way back." Millie says nudging him.

"Interesting," I reply.

"Let's go inside," Tyler suggests.

We go inside and that's when I hear the music. It's not super loud and crazy as I had expected. It's pretty crowded for a big house though. There is one beer pong table, some people in the living room watching television, people drinking alcohol and talking, but nothing crazy.

     In the movies there are always crazy things happening at frat parties like people getting way to drunk and acting crazy, the music is always SUPER loud, people play beer pong in the front yard, yet they still never seem to get caught by to police.

     "Just make yourselves feel at home," he says winking at Millie.

Awe, I ship it. Millie grabs a beer, heads over to the couch and watched Lucifer on her phone.

I walk over to the alcohol to get something to drink. I go with straight up vodka. I have a tendency to drink and only drink to get drunk.

     "Who are you?" I look up to find a guy who seems to be around 26 or older

"Um, (Y/n)."

"I'm Dean,"

"cool, well it was nice meeting you." I say awkwardly, I slowly start to walk away.

He chuckles, "Your cute, is there any way I can get your number?"

"Uh, no sorry, I'm actually seeing someone, it was nice meeting you though,"

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