Chapter 2: Snarky Sharky

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Y/N: Your Name

L/N: Last Name

F/C: Favorite Color

Enjoy! <3


Me and Lloyd walked out of the nurses office fifteen minutes after the bell had rung. We had cleaned up our bruises and our scratches. When we first went to the nurses office, the nurse gave me a weird look when she saw all my scratches but once she saw Lloyd, it was as if all had been revealed to her.

"Hey? What class do you have next?" I asked him as we were walking to the classes we were supposed to be in.

"History Of Ninjago with Mrs. Williams in room 143" He responded.

"Me too!" I cheered excitedly.

"Alright, I'll show you were that class is" Lloyd smirked as he looked down at me.

"Garmadon, late again." Mrs. Williams said with no emotion as we walked in. "And you, you must be the new student, come up here and introduce yourself."

Lloyd walked to his seat in the back of the room while judging stares followed him. Once he sat down, their attentions turned back to me to judge me this time.

I walked to the front of the class, "Uh, um... H..hi! My is Y/N L/N and uh and my favorite color is um... f/c?" I said uncertain of what I should say.

"Everyone welcome Y/N" Mrs. Williams said with absolute no enthusiasm. I felt like she already hated me. "Go sit down anywhere there is an open seat."

I went to the back of the room where Lloyd was sitting and put my bag down to the chair right beside him.

"Guess your stuck with me for a little longer" I joked. He smiled and stuck his tongue out at me, then he turned back towards the teacher who was starting her lesson on 'The First Spinjitzu Master.'

~~~Time Skip~~~

30 minutes into the lesson and I was already falling asleep. The lesson was actually interesting it's just that the teacher's voice was so... boring. Just as I was about to close my eyes for a few seconds, a loud alarm sounded making me jump from my seat.

"Garmadon is attacking!!!" A random kid yelled.

"Alright guys you know the drill, get under a chair or desk, same thing!" Mrs. Williams panicked as she went under her desk.

Lloyd suddenly got out of his chair along with 5 others. "Can I have a bathroom pass?" they said.

 "Can I have a bathroom pass?" they said

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