Chapter Two: Burn (Maze)

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Maze was annoyed. So annoyed that she stormed out of her house without grabbing her watch, now she had no idea what time it was, or what time she had to meet her client at. She growled under her breath as she walked the busy streets of Kilwer, swerving skillfully around bargaining sellars and the tall travelers.

The moon was illuminating onto the golden sand, the desert town got pretty cold during the night. Even though it was near the middle of the night, most shops and shoppers were still awake. Most shoppers went out at night, since it was too hot during mid day, although a fair amount still shopped during the day. The scent of freshly baked pumpkin bread wafted under her nose, and her stomach started to growl, she hadn't eaten anything since her early breakfast this morning. She ignored her pains though, Maze needed to get to her client in time. She quickened her pace though the sand-covered cobblestone road.

Maze was wearing a black bandana with intricate silver and gold patterns around her neck and mouth. She had to protect her identity here, if someone knew who she was... Just thinking about it sent a shudder through Maze. Let's just say it wouldn't be good. The crowded streets were bothering her, it was too crowded and sticky even in the cool night air, so Maze took a sharp turn into the more quiet and deserted alleyways, where it was more shaded and cool. She let out a sigh of relief when she felt the fresh air on her face.

She pushed the door open to the musty bar full of talking and laughing people. It was illuminated by lanterns flickering on the walls. The tavern was pretty small, but had plenty of tables and stools for people to sit in. Maze would much rather prefer to meet somewhere more pristine and clean, like a flower garden, but she understood the importance of a secretive place. Her job... was more than a bit illegal, to put it simply.

Glancing at the clock hanging of the tavern's walls, she narrowed her eyes, she was early, and she didn't have to rush! The dim lights illuminated a bit of the dark tavern, casting deep shadows. Who knew what was crawling underneath those dusty tables and seats? Maze sighed at slid into the stool at the very back of the bar, trying her best to avoid the drunkyards dancing around and laughing, waving around massive cups of beer, slamming them so hard on the table that some of the frothy foam spilled over the edges. She despised unsanitary places like this, her face in a scowl. Maze laid her head down on her arms and closed her eyes, she would take a short nap as she waited for her client.

Finally, at last her client marched into the room. He was a tall, willowy man with a mop of black, messy hair on his head. He was wearing long, black robes, which made him look like he was the messenger of the devil. Maze had accepted many requests from this particular client, she secretly thought that he was a gambler, because he had so many people he hated and he seemed to have a wealth of money. Well, whatever, Maze would do what she would have to, she needed the money. They locked eyes, the intensity of his stare almost made her look away, but she forced herself to hold his electrifying icy glare.

Her client slid into the seat in front of her, the black-haired girl having learned that he did not speak. Although their conversation were not one-sided. He slid a slip of crinkled paper towards her, across the rotting wood of the tavern. Maze rolled her eyes at the gesture but took the paper, her burning amber eyes scanning it.

Her eyes widened.

"You want me to kill the Duke??" Maze exclaimed, trying her best to keep her voice hushed, to not alert anyone. Although the drunks were screaming and laughing too loud for any possibly of anyone hearing Maze. The client nodded his head, his icy blue gaze met Maze's fiery amber ones, and they had a silent staring contest. He pulled out a little notepad, and scribbled something onto it. He held it out for Maze. Maze scoffed at the messages contents. I thought you were the best assassin in Valeria?

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