chapter sixteen

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i made another book cover!! I figured this one looks more exciting. what do you think??!!



The time read 09:21 AM. I shot up from my spot in bed, shrieking, also waking up everyone else in the room. Madison, Isabel and I squished into the master bedroom bed, so Daisy, Anna and Gwen camped on top of and under duvets on the floor. Eventually, Anna left the room and went to sleep on the couch. I offered her my place in the bed but she wasn't having it. She didn't want special treatment because she's pregnant.

Gwen is heavily pregnant, and she gladly slept on the floor! For a bit. She went off to one of the couches as well at some point, I'd noticed when I got up for some juice and walked past both of them.

Everyone groaned at me and Isabel grunted in annoyance. "Why are you screeching this early?!"

"The stylists will be here at 10!" I reminded.

"Oh shit," Maddie said, sitting up from her position. She then claps her hands, "Righty then, let's get some food!"

We all scurry off from our spots and everyone gets busy doing something. Madison and Isabel ordered the room service so we could fill our stomachs before the hair stylists get here. No restaurant for us, because part of the plan for the bride and groom not to bump into each other, is that the guys get to eat down in the restaurant.

And yes, I know, they've seen each other already. But it's still incredibly romantic!

Speaking of the two, Madison paces around the suite. "It's my wedding day! It's really just hit me!" She squeals.

"You'll officially become Madison Darton!" Anna says, while munching on an apple.

"Officially," she smiles. She is so content. "I love that word."

I receive a FaceTime call from Logan. I didn't notice that he tried to call me twice earlier this morning, so I picked up without a second thought.

"Good morning mama," Logan chimes through the screen.

"Good morning, did you sleep okay?"

"Mhm." He says, "I'm about to get some breakfast with, like, you know everyone."

"Ah, right. Have you spoken to your dads?"

"Dad called me this morning, we talked for like two hours! It beats my record with Ellie." He grinned, then poked his tongue out. I could tell he was staring at himself during this call; doesn't everyone do that on FaceTime? "I have not talked to Nathan yet though."

"Oh really? That's nice. I haven't spoken to Nate either, I think he must be really tired from his big night." I tell him. "I will call your dad after this,"

"Okay?" He says.

"Okay... um, after your breakfast, you can come up to my suite if you want. Just get one of the guys to bring you up. Tell Ellie she can as well,"

"Ooh yes! I've missed you, so I will come to see you." He says happily.

Oh, he makes me melt like an ice lolly. Bless him.

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