Chapter 5 - Truth Hurts

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My heart collapses in my chest as I struggle to breathe. All I can do is stare back at Joel with wide eyes.

"I can't fucking believe this," He mutters as he leaves the fridge. I want to chase after him so bad, but every muscle in my body is frozen.

"He'll get over it," Kyle tells me as he grabs my sweaty hand. I snap out of my daze and jump back so forcefully I fall off the box of pretzels. Welp, that ass bruise is going to be enormous tomorrow.

"What's your problem?!" Kyle says, glaring at me.

My problem?! I honestly want to beat the shit out of him, but I have the strength of a baby gerbil.

I scurry to my feet as I push the long strands of hair out of my eyes. "I don't fucking like you! And if you harass me again I will get your ass fired," I shout. I am 100% serious.

He just starts laughing. "You're such a joke. We're just having fun."

I wish jerks like this would choke on rat piss and die.

I try to leave, but Kyle's blocking my way. "I'll get you to fuck me one of these days," He says with a sleazy smile.That's when I take the five pound bag of shredded cheese to my left and smack his thick head with it.

"Ow what the fuck!" He yells as I push past him and out of the fridge. I need to warn Lola that he is the shit stain of Satan's ass crack.

But first, I need to apologize to Joel.

He's at the food prep station coating raw chicken with taco seasoning. I take a deep breath as I walk towards him. "Joel I am so so sorry. For everything. I shouldn't have yelled at you earlier. I was just so angry."

He doesn't say anything.

"I know you and Heather aren't sleeping together. I just got really upset because...I like you. A lot," I say, my voice quiet. OH MY GOD STACIE STOP TALKING.

He stops mixing the chicken and finally looks at me. There's warmth in his eyes for the briefest moment.

"Is that why you were swapping spit with Kyle in the fridge?" He asks, his voice cold.

I start shaking my head. "That wasn't what it looked like. Kyle kissed me—"

"Just like me getting into Heather's car wasn't what it looked like. But you still screamed in my face," he argues. God I hate when he's right.

"That was before I knew—"

"Knew what?" He asks slowly.

I hesitate. "Kyle told me about the cocaine, Joel. If you're struggling, I want to help."

His eyebrows shoot up in shock. I know he wants to yell, but he's holding back. "You can help by fucking off," is all he says.

"Please Joel don't do this. I'm sorry," I plea. I really need to make things right.

"We're not dating. We're not even friends. You're just the girl who sucked my dick, and that's all you'll ever be to me," he mutters, no longer looking at me. If he's trying to destroy my soul right now, it's working.

I want to stomp off, but my legs feel like jello. My heart is beating so loud in my ears I can't think straight. It's too late to make things right.

Heather is staring at us from the bar. When my eyes meet her, she immediately looks away and starts wiping down the counter. She deserves an apology too, but she'll probably take it as well as Joel did. I feel like the worst kind of person.

"Joel! Stacie! My two brightest employees," John exclaims as he approaches us. Did he hit his head or something? He has never given me a compliment in my entire life.

He clears his throat and runs a hand through his receding hair. "I want you to meet Nisha Patel. She's one of our new line cooks. Joel, you'll be training her this week."

A tall, gorgeous girl steps out from behind John. Her pin straight hair is beautifully twisted in a long side braid. Her golden brown eyes sparkle under the fluorescent lights as she gives us a small smile.

"Hi," She says shyly, her voice airy and sweet.

My jaw practically hits the floor. She's incredibly pretty, even in that ugly, oversized uniform we're forced to wear.

Joel opens his mouth to speak, but he can't get any words out. He's as awestruck as me.

All of the anger on his face melts away as he smiles back at her. "Hi," he manages to say.

Oh no. I know that look.

It's the look you give someone you want to fuck.

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