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     If there is one thing I despise in life that would have to be how bad the Percy Jackson fandom got ripped off with there movies. The books are amaziging if you like or are interested in Greek and mythology in general. But no matter how good the books are there is nothing that can make up for how bad the movies are. Compared to other fandoms movies they are disgraceful. I could rant for hours about how bad the fandom got off with there movies but I don't think you would want to read it so here we go on into the things that the movies directors and people got wrong.

   One thing that they messed up on in the movies was that in the first books the characters are TWELVE when in the movies the directors made then Sixteen.  Another is in the movie Luke gives the Master bolt to Percy hidden in a sheild when in the book Luke hands the Bolt AND Hades helm of darkness off to Ares god of war. In order for percy to get his mother back he fights a fight with Ares and wins with less than three days of training at camp, he gets the helm of Darkness back and passes it off to a fury who brings it to Hades thus his mother is released, he then goes to Olympus which turns out to be on the 600th floor of the empire state building and returns the master Bolt to Zues(DRAMA QUEEN). One of the main things of the first movies that is VERY wrong is Annabeth's hair. In the books she has Blonde hair in princess curls in a pony tail. Another thing is that in the movie Percy duels Luke to be able to get into Olympus when he isn't suposed to have a proper duel with Luke until the end of the second book. At the end of the first book Luke lures Percy into a false sensce of sucurity and lures him out  to Zues' fist, which is in the middle of the woods at camp, by telling him he wanted to celabrate his first sucessful quest by drinking Diet Coke'A'Cola Luke had stolen from Mr.D's (Dyonious) private stores, while in the woods Luke reveals his plan to help Kronos overthrough the gods, after Luke gets angry that Percy has foiled his plans in causing and uprising by seperating the three eldest gods (Hades, Posideon, And Zues) Luke releases a pit scorpion on Percy. The only reason that Percy surivies is because some Wood Nymphs drag him out of the woods and to the border of camp where he is rushed to the imfirmary. None of this is included in the movies.

 (At the moment of uploading this portion of writing I can not find my rough draft for the second book so it will be on a latter post sorry-Jaden)

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 (At the moment of uploading this portion of writing I can not find my rough draft for the second book so it will be on a latter post sorry-Jaden)

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