Nice To Meet You, Miss. I'm The Father.

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Chapter Four

I woke up to little pushes against my abdomen and a constant giggle saying,"Daddy wake up." I smiled, my eyes still closed, and reached for Mia and grabbed her around her waist, making her squeal with delight. 

"Daddy! You're awake!" I nodded, my eyes still closed. "Open your eyes daddy!" I felt little fingers begin poking my face. "Daddy," Mia whispered in my ear,"please wake up. There's a monster in the closet." She sounded afraid so I decided to "wake up". I sat up grabbing Mia and kissing her head softly. 

"There's no such thing as monsters, Mia," I explained. 

Mia pouted and shook her head, pointing to my closet and then burrying her face in my chest. I heard something shuffling within the closet and I grew tense. In the back of my mind I had a small thought saying,"Maybe there is a monster in the closet...just not the monster Mia's talking about..."

 I grabbed Mia and sat her on the bed, quietly instructing her to stay put. Then I inched for my closet, careful to not let my feet make a sound. I grabbed the handle tightly, and with one swift movement, slung the door open. I looked around and no one was there, but I saw a flash of white and looked down to see my cat, Crow, stalking out the closet, glaring at me on the way out. I chuckled and ran a hand through my hair, realizing he must've gotten stuck in the closet last night. He was sure to be ticked at me. 

I turned to see Mia scream,"Kitty!", and hop of the bed and grab Crow and hug him. I tried to grab Crow from her, afraid he'd hurt her since he wasn't accustomed to kids, but to my surprise he nuzzled against Mia's neck and purred affectionately. Mia giggled and looked up at me. "I didn't know you have a kitty cat, daddy." I smiled and rubbed Crow's head. 

"Mia, this is Crow." I told her.

"Hi Crow." She giggled, kissing Crow's head like I do to hers. 

"Mia, are you hungry?" Mia nodded, still not letting Crow down. I smiled and walked out of the room, waiting for Mia and Crow at the top of the stairs, I picked up Mia, to which she squealed, and carried her and a confused Crow down the stairs. I set Crow down by his food bowl and set Mia down at the table. I poured some water and food into the appropriate bowls for Crow and then grabbed a frying pan from the cabinet. I set it down and turned to Mia. "Bacon and eggs sound good?" Mia nodded profusely. 

"Yes! Mommy made me eggs ALL the time! They're my favorite!" I smiled, eggs are my favorite too. Amanda never had a taste for them. I began realizing that Mia was nothing like her mother. And I was glad. Although I missed Amanda somewhat, only because she was the mother of my child, I didn't have a liking for her. She cheated on me multiple times and broke my heart. She was cold and heartless. Both things are words Mia's never been associated with. 

"Alright. Bacon and eggs it is." I walked over to the sterio and turned on my playlist and Rebel Yell by Billy Idol came on. I quickly switched to another song, not wanting Mia to hear the words to that one quite yet. I could just see the question now: "Daddy? Why is she saying more? What does she want more of?"  Oh, God I do not want to have that talk with her quite yet. 

Bulletproof Love by Pierce The Veil came on and I figured it was a safe enough song. I walked back into the kitchen and turned on the stove. I walked over to the fridge, humming along with Vic an octave lower, seeing as he has such a high voice compared to mine. I wasn't a huge fan of PTV but their music was pretty good. I grabbed a pack of bacon from the fridge, and four eggs. One for Mia, three for me. Hey! Don't judge. I'm a man. I eat. Alot. I laid ten strips of bacon on the pan and put the package away. I set the eggs on the counter as the bacon fried. Once the bacon was done I set it on a plate with a paper towel covering it. Then I popped two eggs in the pan. As the eggs were cooking I grabbed two cups from the cabinet, and looked at Mia.