Chasing Hooligans

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I can still feel his hand against my throat.
My lungs filling with water,
Water he was pouring from a pink cup.
"Do you still love me?" He asked.
I choked up water
And lying, I said "no."

That's when he laughed.
He laughed and laughed
As he got a new cup: this one red.
Turning on the faucet, he asks,
"Do you still love me?"

Feeling my stomach drop to the truth,
My mouth still forms to say the opposite.

I feel the cold water freeze my
Heart, lungs, and soul.
I was so damn tired of drowning in my own lies, but yet I refused to tell him the truth.

As he refilled the red cup,
he asked the dreaded question.
"Do you still love me?"
I answered with the truth,
Giving him the satisfaction he needed;
Yet I was still drowning.

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