Curse of An Immortal

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WARNING: Infernal Devices spoilers may appear. Nothing too huge, but still.

Centuries pass,
Hours fleeting,
And before I know it,
I am here,
And they are not.

Sunrise after sunrise,
Sunset after sunset,
And when there comes a day with no sun,
I will still remain.
I will always remain.

I saw the past,
I see the present,
And I will see the future,
But I will never belong in any day or age,
Because nobody will claim me.
Not even death.

Mortals give their hearts away for anything,
The smile of a stranger,
The thrill of adventure,
My heart is a dying creature,
And it will only belong to me
And only me.

The passing of time means nothing.
A minute,
An hour.
But no matter where I am,
I am called home by the chorus of my brothers.
Return. Return. Return.
And there I go,
Back to the City of Bones,
A place where even the skulls of Nephilim long dead have more soul than me.

People envy me.
They despise me.
But none of them could ever love me,
Because if they did,
They'd fade away,
And I would still

Mortals have a flame that burns so bright,
And then it is easily extinguished,
But my flame is a feeble one,
Slowly dying,
But once we are down to the last ember,
It will never stop burning.

Because I will always remain.

That is the curse of an immortal.

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