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DepressedAssPotato: Cats or dogs?
Both!!! :)

DepressedAssPotato: How is it to be ace?
Being ace is great. And Woojin is so kind and respectful about me being ace and all my friends are super understanding. I'm glad they accept me for who I am, and they've helped me accept myself too.

DepressedAssPotato: can you and Jisung stop being horny?

AnneAmber: How good is kissing Felix 😏?
On a scale from 1-10, it's like a 30,000,000
10nightinholocaust: How much you love felix?
The answer to the previous question, but multiplied by 384762759395

lovemesomegayshit: I love you, but how tf are you so freaking pretty???
It's a gift, I know ;) there is no explanation for it other than 'because I'm Hyunjin'

BTSandPentatonixGirl: How are you so cute?
I wasn't sure how to answer this so I asked Minho and he told me I'm cute because I look like a squirrel 🐿

staneveryship: favorite activity in the whole world?
Stargazing with Changbin :))))
DepressedAssPotato: DO SOME MEME DANCES
*orange justice*

LilmeowmeowXD: Oh snap idk if the story's even finished, and ik this prolly closed, buT Seungmin, whatever happened with your mom and Hyunjin and stuff?
I got my phone back eventually. We hang out at Hyunjin's house more now since his mom is cool and his sister is always over at Felix's house. Nothing can stop me and my Jinnie from being adorable together òwó

sugarcubesss: ilysm :)
I love you too!! :))))

LIXIELOVE: Do you have a crush on Yeji?
Uh,,, shut up????
luvlix: excuse me noona do you have a boyfriend? if ya have time, let me take ya to a restaurant bc i'm lonely n need a girlfriend
Stan 3racha. No, I don't have a boyfriend. No, I don't have time for dates :( and "lonely n need a girlfriend" is the biggest mood
DepressedAssPotato: Are you 🌈?
swt_hrt: may I smooch u ;3;

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