Chapter 33- beach date

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Jacks POV
Right now I'm in the Uber with Zach. We are almost there.
"Are we going to the beach?!" Zach asks me.
"Maybe.." I say.
Zach just laughs at me and puts his head on my shoulder. I put my head on his head. (Does that make sense?😂)
We stay like this until we arrive at the beach. I tip our Uber and we walk on to the beach.
"Close your eyes" I say.
"What?" He asks.
"Never mind" I say and cover his eyes with my hands.
I walk him over to the set up.
"Okay, ready. 3,2,1" I count.
Zach opens his eyes and sees the set up I had my sisters set up for us. Zach's jaw drops and he looks at me and gives me a hug.
"It's beautiful!" He says and runs over to the set up and sits on the blanket over there. I sit next to him.
"Let's swim!" I say.
"But, I don't have a swimsuit" he says disappointed.
"I brought one for you!" I say.
He smiles and takes it from me to go change. I already had my shorts on so I just took off my shirt.

Zach comes walking out with his hands covering his stomach. Awww, poor baby.
I walk up to him.
"Zach, it's okay. Uncover your stomach." I say.
He uncovers his stomach revealing the word 'slut' carved into his stomach by his dad.
I put my fingers against the letters and He flinches. I give him a kiss.
"Come on, let's go swim" I say with a smile.
He smiles back at me and we run towards the ocean. He stops and looks at the sunset.
Secretly I walk behind him and pick him up.
He starts yelling at me. I walk farther in the ocean and throw him in.
"Jack!!!! Ohhhh it's onnnnnn!!!" He yells.
He starts chasing after me so I run.
After a while I run into a little cove and hide in there. Time for step two of the plan.

Zach's POV
I chase Jack until I can't find him. I walk out of the water and go to the blanket and grab a towel. I just sit and wait for Jack to give up on hiding.
All of a sudden I hear a guitar. I turn towards the sound and see 4 silhouettes of guys. One with a guitar.
As they walk closer I recognize them, Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, who has the guitar, and Jack!
They start singing 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran. They are all in nice suits. How does Jack change that fast?!
I didn't know they could sing though! Jack then starts to sing a solo.
It's... beautiful.
I feel a warm tear go down my cheek.
As they finish the song Jack takes my hand. He pulls me up to him and gives me a kiss.
It was a long passionate kiss.
We pull apart and the boys start clapping.
We just laugh at them.
"Thankyou guys! Thankyou Jack!" I say giving Jack a hug.
"But there's still more!" Jack said.

I have a volleyball game today. Soon we play against my bully's team so that's fun.

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