(I don’t remember this one.)


I wake up overpowered by blackness, so absolute, it presses against my skin. Where am I? Where is this place? My heart is racing, and I can’t seem to catch my breath. A chill slips across my skin, making the hairs rise up on my arms. I shiver.

Gathering my soft comforter around me like a shield against whatever dream-monster my mind just conjured, I mind-scan for my parents. They’re asleep in their room across the house. Dad is snoring, and my mother turns over, annoyed to be awoken by him. More settled, I breathe deeply. My eyes adjust to the dimness, and I can finally make out the darker shapes in the room. Moving boxes. Lots of them.

I recognize where I am now. In my bed. In my new room. I’m safe. Everyone is safe. I dreamed something my waking mind has thankfully forgotten. Something disturbing, but I’m okay now. It was just a dream.

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