Chapter 20 - "We don't know..."

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Lisa's POV

I looked at Maira before I left with Dylan. Maira did look like she was enjoying everything and honestly, it made me feel a lot better and little bit less guilty for not listening to her. When Dylan and I were outside, I saw this car parking or waiting at the exit.

I frowned when I saw the two men sitting in the car. Something was familiar about them. Even though, I couldn't really see their faces, they seemed like I have seen them somewhere else. As Dylan and I were walking down the small steel stairs, I looked at them again. That's when I realised that those two men were there when I had lunch with the cast.

"Are you okay?" Dylan asked, getting my attention away from the weird men. I looked at him as I nodded my head.

"Why are you asking?" I asked and got in Dylan's car. He started the engineer of the car and drove away from the hall.

"You look anxious." He said after a while and I just nodded. I sighed out and looked just in front of me. The road was luckily not as full with cars as it usually was. Since I moved her, I have seen the real traffic.

"I am." I sighed out again and Dylan looked at me. I could see it from the corner of my eye.

"Why?" He asked as if he wasn't aware of my family situation. I don't he knew everything in detail so no, I couldn't blame him for asking me about them.

I looked at Dylan and realised how brown his eyes were. They were really hazel and his dark brown hair was flying back a bit because of the wind that was in the car. The look he gave me when he was waiting for my answer made my heart beat a bit faster.

"My family is just fucked up." I said and he looked like my answer took him by surprise. He just slightly widened his eyes and just awkwardly nodded his head. I sighed again when I looked at Dylan.

Stop it, Lisa. You can't fall for your best friend's brother and above of all that, Dylan doesn't like you. My subconscious was a bitch but a honest bitch. Dylan truly hated me when he met me and he wasn't shy to show me that but I don't know what this is. I guess we were civil now.

"You are not the only one." He said and I laughed softly.

"What do you mean? You got Maira. Your father loves you." I said and Dylan shook his head.

"I am a few years older than Maira and before she even came, my father wasn't the loving father he always claimed to be." Dylan said and I frowned.

"After my mother's death, he turned into someone else. At least that's what my aunt kept on saying to me. That it wasn't his fault that he became like this." He said.

"Do you think that too?" I asked and it looked like I interrupted him.

"I think what?" He asked slightly confused.

"That your dad doesn't care because of your mother's death?" I asked and Dylan shook his head.

"Everyone has a choice to do something different. My father could have been a real man and own my mother's death. I know that it was hard and that it had killed him but I was his son. I was just a child and I needed my dad. I didn't get that so no, I don't think this was because of my mother's death. He choose to do this." He said and for a second I thought that he was about to break down but when he started to laugh, I got a bit confused.

"After my father decided to adopt Maira, he did change. Maira brought happiness back into our family. My father never showed his loved to Maira but I knew he would die for her if he had to. I think he loved her even more than me." Dylan said.

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