Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

Brody P.O.V.

Tired of arguing with Sarah, seriously she was being ridiculous, there’s no reason for her to be insecure around Alex, there was no way Chris would leave Sarah for anyone if she’d just stop being a bitch she’d be able to see his love. It must have been an hour or more I spent arguing, Alex must have been wondering where I was. I entered our room and no sign of Alex so I began searching the house, but still no sight of her, I hurried back to our maybe she left a note or something saying if she went for a stroll or something and there it stood on the bed the bore witness to our lovemaking last night, she did leave a note, a farewell note! What? This had to be unreal, what if Sarah was right did she run off with Christopher?

I took no time in racing to find Christopher only to find Sarah in tears with a note in her hands. Was it true did they both really run away together? My heart strongly disagreed with the thought of them running away together, I grabbed her noted and it read,

‘Sarah I love you with all my heart but right now my best friend is in dire need of my support for her broken heart, do find it in your heart to forgive me, I pray that you trust in me that there’s nothing going on between Alex and I, maybe one day you’ll find it in your heart to realize Alex and I were nothing more than friends.’

Love always, Chris

A broken heart? Why would Alex have a broken heart? At least we knew Chris was faithful to Sarah but what could have possible happen for her to leave without informing me. Then it hit me Oh shit!! “Sarah I think Alex heard when we were arguing outside!” I yelled in frustration running my fingers desperately through my hair.

“Well Chris still left me for her!” Sarah screamed at me seriously could she be anymore insensitive, “You know, Sarah the world doesn’t revolve around you so stop being a bitch, Chris loves you but right now he’s just being a good friend to Alex, besides we wouldn’t be in this problem if you didn’t start the argument and mentioned Emily!”

“My fault? How dare you try to pin this on me it’s your fault if you didn’t go with the psycho Emily, honestly who goes with someone just because their physical appearance is similar to someone you knew you couldn’t have! That my dear brother is insanity!”

Arguing with Sarah at this point was exasperating! Insanity! No way I think not, I know Emily was a mistake but I realize what I did was wrong, I tried to not think about Alex and tried to move on to Emily, but my heart it only felt for Alex, it’s like the moment I saw her she stole my heart.

I still remember the first time I saw Alex, she was just 16 and it was cheerleading try outs, Sarah of course stealing all the attention she could possibly get while Alex practiced her routine and everyone around began cheering her on, on hearing another set of cheers it made me wonder who was this person who would actually pose as an attention threat to my sister. I got out my car and to get a better view and there she was, like an angel! I was stunned at how beautiful she was, her smile was the most genuine thing about her, her eyes reflected pure innocence.

I just went up to my room and sat on my bed, why couldn’t you just stay and talk to me Alex! Please Alex come back to me! I pleaded in my mind. I only knew her first name and from the day I saw her I was smitten, the few times after that I saw her were mere glimpses. Then I met Emily she looked so much Alex, she and were same age and I thought that maybe it was a bit twisted to be dreaming about someone four years younger than me. Deciding on moving on with Emily was truly the biggest mistake of my life.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts because sitting down and moping wasn’t going to bring Alex back safely to me, where she belonged!

Alex P.O.V.

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