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Virgil sat there in this small patch of garden as he looked up at the clouds. He could hear the birds singing all around him and he smiled. They didn't have animals on the isle... not unless you count the villains' that could shapeshift like Kaa and Scar.

A tiny little bluebird flew down beside Virgil's face and the young VK laughed softly as it tilted its head at him. They must see him as weak too. Virgil smiled as he reached out a finger letting it brush against its feathers. Otherwise, it would be too afraid to come near it let alone let him touch it.

"Hey, little guy." Virgil spoke softly only to giggle as the small bird tweeted at him. "You hungry?" The bird hopped closer as Virgil sat up. He rummaged through his bag pulling out a cloth. He unwrapped it and smiled at the bread that filled it. The bird sang happily drawing more birds near. Not just birds though as Virgil noticed looking around. There were bunnies too. "I take it you're all hungry then?" Virgil smiled as he placed the bread out of each of the animals watching as they all carefully grabbed their share. "There you go... We all got to stick together huh?" Virgil spotted another bird stealing the tiny bluebirds piece and he frowned as the sad twittering the bird made.

"Here ya go, Blue." Virgil whispered as he pulled a piece of the muffin he had saved for himself and held it out for the bird. The bluebird hopped onto his hand and started to eat it happily as the boy smiled. "I've had my food stolen many times before. It isn't fun. Especially when I went through the hassle of stealing it in the first place."

"You must have a hard time too." The bird only tweeted a bit in response before going back to pecking at the food. Virgil broke a little more off placing it beside him for the bluebird as he began to eat his portion. "I totally understand. Ma said I had to learn the way of the world. I was a villain kid. I couldn't be weak. Fear, sympathy, hesitation, kindness... they're all signs of weakness to her. Being anxious... My anxiety was a weakness. I was forced to do everything... to survive on my own." The bird sang a bit and Virgil glanced over to see it's food was all gone. He watched as the little bird flew up and landed on his shoulder, rubbing up against him. 

Virgil went to say something again when the bushes started to shake. The animals all froze some deciding to run as the sound of someone's voice reached past the leaves. Virgil tensed up and the little bird flew down into the boy's lap brushing against his hands in an attempt to ground him.

"Anxiety? Are you..." Patton peeked through the bushes and froze stiff at the sight before him. Roman came barreling in not two seconds after causing the animal to scatter but not before he saw they were there. "Anxiety?" Virgil glanced down at the bird before jumping up and throwing the muffin into the woods. The animals would eat it and so there would be no proof that he actually stole anything. Patton and Roman just stood there stunned. 

"Anxiety, what are you doing out here?" Roman whispered as he watched the little tiny bluebird land on Virgil's shoulder. Even he could tell the bird was glaring at him. Patton only smiled at the boy.

"Did you at least share?" Roman narrowed his eyes in confusion as Virgil looked away rubbing his arm. That's when Roman caught on. Well, actually it was the crumbs that made him realize but still.

"So you stole the food?" Virgil flinched and the bird started tweeting angerly only to stop as Patton started laughing.

"I see Anx found himself a friend." Virgil paused a bit glancing back at the prince with a question clear in his eyes. Patton still only smiled. "Why don't we get you two inside... actually... We should probably report this guy to Thomas."

"Report him... why?" Virgil was just as confused as Roman was. The little bird only sang as it flew around Virgil happy as can be. Virgil frowned as he held his hand out for the little bird to land on it with a smile. He didn't understand how he knew but he knew the bird was smiling.

"Aren't you supposed to report familiars?" Roman stumbled back in shock as Virgil pulled the little bird in. He was afraid they would take him away. Roman glanced over at Virgil with this look in his eyes, Virgil couldn't decipher what it was.

"Wait... You're telling me that... his familiar is a bluebird... a VK?!" The bird jumped out of Virgil's hands and flew right into Roman's face twittering angerly and making Roman stumble back yet again in shock.

"B-Blue..." The bird stopped instantly spinning around and flying back over to Virgil who reached up to pet his feathers. Roman was frozen solid as Patton smiled a tad bit.

"Why don't we get over to Thomas's before class starts up again?" Virgil only nodded as he grabbed his back and set to following Patton. It was only a moment later that he realized Roman wasn't following. Part of him was relieved but at the same time... Virgil paused glancing back and causing Patton to stop to in confusion. "Kiddo?" Virgil pointed off towards the garden and the bird tweeted at Patton who frowned. "Oh, Roman? I'm not sure why he isn't following. Don't worry though Kiddo. I'm sure he's perfectly fine." Virgil clenched his fists in anxiety and the little bird rubbed against Virgil's cheek drawing his attention away from the garden and making him smile.

"Ok..." Virgil smiled seeing the familiar brown door. "Now just wait here so I can..." Virgil shook his head cutting Patton off as the young boy quickly opened the door before Patton could say anything. The moment the door opened Thomas looked up from his desk only to smiled brightly seeing Virgil there.

"Virgil! I was a tad worried when you didn't show up for lunch. Is everything ok?" Virgil nodded as he sat down in the soft black chair Thomas set up in the room for him. Patton hung out at the edge of the room highly confused. "Good. Did you eat at all? I saved you some chicken." Virgil nodded again only to freeze as his stomach growled. Thomas only laughed. "Well, clearly you didn't eat enough. It'll only be a moment." Virgil watched as Thomas got up and walked through the back door of his office. The door that led to his 'dorm' as he called it. Thomas lives on campus. He once told Virgil if the students had to the headmaster should too. How else are they going to get a hold of him at any moment? When Thomas came back with a small plate he finally noticed the other body in the room. His face seemed to drop a bit in concern. "Patton?"

"Hey, Thomas. We actually came because we have matters to discuss." Thomas glanced over at Virgil who nodded as Thomas set the plate down in front of him. 

"Alright then... shoot." Virgil frowned up at the headmaster who only laughed. "It's a figure of speech. It means, go ahead."

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