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"Have I told you how much I love your eyes?", asked Maggie with an ear to ear grin.

Rolling her eyes at the question, Alex softly rubs her forehead.

"YES. Yes, Ms Sawyer. You have been talking about it for the last 30 minutes! And I would really appreciate it if you could finally shut your mouth."

The brunette maid is trying her very best to stay calm. She needs to stay calm... Or else the lady in a suit in front of her won't be able to meet Kara with her bones still intact.

Maggie chuckled at the annoyed look on the brunette's face. Oh gosh, she is so cute, thought her.

"You know you look so hot when you're mad. I love the way your-"

"Shut it."

The two stubborn ladies exchange a look between each other. Alex has that 'Don't you dare' look on her face while Maggie has that 'Is that a dare? ' look on her face.

"Eyes shine as-", Maggie continued her words, ignoring Alex's warning.


The brunette maid stomps her feet loudly like an angry child as she walks into the mansion. She is silently cursing under her breath. Maggie Sawyer is really... Ughh... The brunette couldn't even find the right word to describe how annoying the lady in the suit is.

While the maid is busy cursing, she can hear Maggie calling her name from behind, ignoring the call. Alex walks even faster. Suddenly, the maid slipped. On that few seconds before the fall, Alex closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. What really surprised the maid tho is she didn't fall.

Instead, she feels a steady arm around her and she could hear a soft chuckle.

"You can open your eyes, miss.", said the owner of the soft voice.

Alex, for once, did as she was told. Only to meet eye to eye with the most gorgeous hazel eyes she had ever seen. The two locked eyes for a few seconds when finally they can hear someone clearing their throat behind them.

The woman with hazel eyes pulls away from Alex once she was certain that the woman was able to stand on her own.

"Ehem... I'm sorry about that... My name is Samantha Arias and this is my assistant, Kelly Olsen.", the woman introduces herself and the petite woman behind her.

Immediately, Alex's eyes widen.

"Lady Arias, I'm very sorry for my rudeness.", the maid bows her head.

Samantha Arias, the head of the Arias family. One of the few women who are acknowledged as the head of the families in the country. She is also the owner of the second-largest trading company in the country.

Her fame and wealth almost match the royal family while the Danvers had suppressed the royal's wealth a long time ago.

"No, no, no... There's no need for formalities, miss..."

"Alex, just Alex."

"Alright, then I shall call you gorgeous."

What...? The maid stared at the noble lady with a dumbfounded look.

Once again, Sam chuckle. For some reason, the maid really humours her.

"Well, gorgeous... We come here just to visit Kelly's brother. Now, that our business is done. We would need to go but be rest assured we'll see each other soon.", the head of the Arias said before exiting the mansion with her assistant.

Alex stared at the two women until she couldn't see them anymore.

She did not expect to meet Lady Arias on such occasion but... Why is she feeling all these butterflies in her stomach?

" I...I would be waiting for our next meeting, miss Arias."

Sam gently cup Alex's cheeks with her hands. The noble lady stares deeply inside the brunette's eyes.

"Only for you... Call me Sam, please.", she requested.

Not knowing how she should respond in such bold action, Alex blinks her eyes a few times.


A firm arm pulls the brunette maid away from Lady Arias. This time, Alex found herself inside the arms of a rather familiar and petite body. She looks up to see Maggie Sawyer grinning her teeth in anger.

"This is my woman, back off.", the lady in a suit warned Sam.

Smirking at the possessiveness, the noble lady smile bitterly.

"My, my... It's the rude, Maggie Sawyer. What comes the tiger wandered into the lion's territory?", Kelly Olsen finally said something after a long silence.


Maggie almost jumps at the assistant who is clearly anticipating an attack but the two was immediately stopped by when Lady Arias raises her hand as a sign telling the two to calm down.

She stares at her assistant.

"Kelly, be nice.", warned the noble lady.

Her eyes the swift to the lady in a suit in front of her.

"It is fancy to see you here, Ms Sawyer. Certainly not the first time you're aiming for what's mine."

"I found her first!", defence Maggie.

Samantha shot a killer look at the petite brunette for raising her voice in such an open place.

"We'll have to excuse ourselves for today. We are a bit in a hurry but this is not over, Ms Sawyer."

Lady Arias now polite to Alex before exiting the mansion. The noble lady is, for a fact, really mad. She was walking too fast her assistant had to jog a bit to catch up with her.

Only once the pressure fade that Alex realized she is still in Maggie's arms. The brunette maid tries to get out of the embrace but the lady in a suit hugs her even tighter.

"Ms Sawyer, could you please let me go?", Alex asked politely.

Instead of answering, the petite woman buries her face inside Alex's neck.

" I found you first, you're mine.", Maggie says softly under her breath but loud enough for the brunette maid to hear her.

One thing that comes into Alex's mind is... Why is everyone who is attached to her is a woman? Heck... The maid doesn't even know if she swings that way... She had a boyfriend for goodness's sake.

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