Chapter 3

Katy’s POV

Beep, beep, beep.

Man, I wish that I could shut that beeping up.  Wait, where am I?  I tried to open my eyes, but it felt as if someone glued them together with some type of super glue. 

   I knew I was in trouble when I heard loud footsteps, and male voices, but thankfully they were not near me.  It sounded like I was in some sort of room, so they must be behind a door of some sort.  Shoot, what if I was kidnapped.  Oh who am I kidding?  Who would want to kidnap from an orphanage?  After trying to open my eyes once again, they still wouldn't budge... so as a human, I just gave up.  I listened closely to the voices behind the door.  Or at least I think that the door was closed.

“Niall, I can’t believe that you scared her like that!” an English accented teenage boy said.

“It wasn’t my fault, all I did was put my hands on her waist to stop her from killing the other girl!  Louis and Harry were the other ones, why don’t you start yelling at them!” yelled “Niall”, with an Irish accent.

“I am not yelling at them because I know that you knew better.” The English accent boy said.

"How was I supposed to know better?  We didn’t even know either of the girls, much less the people working in the shit orphanage!”  Niall shouted to the boy. 

  "Well usually the girls in orphanages are abused when they were younger, I thought that you would’ve know that Niall!”  The English boy shouted…well that’s bullshit.  It may be my case, but most of those girls were dropped off because their parents couldn’t take care of them!

 “Liam just, can we calm down, and go get something to eat, yeah,” said Niall, attempting to be reasonable.

“OK then, we can let the other boys watch her,” said Liam.  The two boys calmed down very quickly for a fight... they must be with each other a lot.  

   After a few minutes I heard a door open and three voices come in. They were all still teenage boy voices, but they weren’t Niall or Liam’s voices.

“Wow Liam is really upset at Niall,” said an English accented boy.

“Yeah but when you think about it, she is only thirteen, and it said in her file that she was beaten, and raped by her own dad.  And she immediately started panicking when Niall put his hands on her waist,” another English accent boy said.

  I took a moment to think about things.  Firstly, how do they know my age… and secondly, how the hell do they know what happened to me?  I don’t even think I told anyone other than Logan.  I heard beeping speed up and the boys’ voices stopped.

    “I hope that she wakes up soon,” said yet another English accent. How did all of these teenage boys get here? I really do wonder who all of these people are.  Half of me is telling myself that when I wake up, I should ask and find out. But the other half is telling me to run for the hills once I wake up.

"Hey, when Liam and Niall get back from eating, how about we go down and get something?  I'm starved,"  one of the boys said.

  "Sounds good to me.  The chicken alfredo didn't look very good.  It was really watery,"  another one said.

  "Ew, I'd bet you twenty pounds that Niall still gets it.  We can ask him when he comes in."  The first guy said.

  "You're on.  Zayn, want to bet?  Harry says that Niall's going to eat nasty food.  I say he's not.  Whose side you on?"  The second boy said.

  "Uh... Harry's... Niall will eat anything."  "Zayn" said.   

Soon the door opened again, and words were exchanged. 

  "Did you eat the chicken alfredo Niall?"  Harry asked.

  "  It didn't look very... appetizing per say."  Niall said. 

  "Dammit."  Harry and Zayn said. 

 "Hahaha losers!"  the boy who bet against it said.

  Words were exchanged and I heard Liam and Niall talking. “Liam, how much longer until she wakes up?” Niall asked.

“Well Ni, she lost a lot of blood, and she hit her head pretty hard. So I really don’t know,” said Liam.

“Oh… well, I feel really bad that I got her scared,” said Niall sadly.

“Hey buddy, it isn’t your fault, she just reacted that way!” said Liam, comfortingly.  It seems like his attitude changed towards Niall over the course of a meal. 

“I know, but we are her brothers, and I don’t want to scare her!” Niall’s voice said, cracking. Whoa, back the fire truck up, BROTHERS?  I don’t need any brothers; they can’t take me away from the orphanage! I started to hear the beep machine go faster and faster. I soon heard the door open and MANY voices talking and shouting orders.  I heard some of the boys shouting and yelling, and then the door shut and lock.   After a few seconds I felt a jolt of electricity go through my body. And let me be the first to tell you, it hurt like hell!  It hurt more than all of the bones in your body getting broken at the same time. After about 4 seconds, someone shouted CLEAR and yet another jolt coursed through my body. My body ached with Payne, but the good news was that the beep machine was getting slower than it was before.

  I thought back to the hospital shows I watched in the rec room... I thought that the electric shocker thingy sped up a person's heart... either way; it helped me it helped my heartbeat slow down.  And to think, they shocked me while I was awake; talk about rude!

 I heard the shuffling of feet, and the door open and close. Once again, I tried to open my eyes. I even tried to move my body. But still nothing worked. After about 20 minutes, I heard the door open and close. Then I heard the shuffling of feet and Niall’s voice talking to me.

“Hey Katherine, I know that you don’t know us, but we really want you to wake up,”  said Niall. I soon felt a bit of wetness on my arm and I opened my eyes. I OPENED MY EYES!! I looked up to see Niall’s face with tears in his eyes. He stood up and reached down for a hug. I flinched and scooted away.  I looked into his eyes and saw a flash of hurt and sadness in them.  I didn’t really care because 1, I don’t know him.  2, He knows my secret.  Niall turned away and went to the door, opened it, and said to the air “She’s awake.” Suddenly four teenage boys, excluding Niall, ran into my room. Each seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where I had seen them before.  Looking at each and every one of them with giant grins on each of their faces really scared me... what are they going to do to me?  We're in a hospital... someone like a nurse or a doctor has to be near my room.... right?

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