Candor or Dauntless with Twins: still Christina's P.O.V.

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We walk down the hall, well Uriah skipping- more like attempting-, until we get to a door. They knock. Since when do Dauntless knock? "Since we set up a prank." She says.
"I said that out loud?" I ask, angry at myself.
"Yupp!" Uriah says, popping the 'p'. Zeke opens the door and goo dumps on him. He acts like it's nothing. "That's all?"
"You really think that's all Zekey?" she asks him and Uriah nods in agreement. Then a bunch of Dauntless run down the hall drowning him with eggs, a second group comes and he's covered in paintballs and then Tris and Uriah soak him with ice-water. It's mean, but hysterical. We walk in and sit down in a circle. "My apartment! I go first!" Zeke screams.
"You're gonna regret that Zekey." Tris says. Uriah and Lynn smile deviously. Everyone else backs away.
"We should do teams!" I think it's Shauna, shouts. The teams are:
Christina and Will, the Transfers
Shauna and Zeke, In Love
Marlene and Lynn, Dauntless Girls
Uriah and Tris, Def. Not Pansycake, Dauntless-born Twins, aka. Dauntless, duh.
And then the games started. "I still go first, go!" Zeke says and Uriah and Tris jump up. They walk into the hall and we all follow. Eric walks into the hall and Uriah gets down on one knee and asks "Eric, I have loved you since you came her, will you marry me?" He proposes with an onion ring.
"Of course Uriah!" Eric exclaims.
"I thought we had something special!" She screams at Eric and slaps him, hard, on each cheek multiple times. "Same for you." She says to Uriah.
"Isn't he your twin?" Eric asks.
"Yeah, so?" Tris snaps.
"So we were all cheating on each other?" Uriah asks.
"Yes!" They say in unison "Wait! No!!!!" Tris screams. It turns into a bickering war until Tris punches Eric, knocking him out, and slapping Uriah, making him hit the wall. They walk in howling with laughter, Uriah's cheeks pink. Then he fakes tears. "We called the wedding off because we couldn't decide on a date."
"Not who would be the bride and groom."
"No. Uriah was obviously the bride/groom and so was Eric." Zeke says and everyone starts laughing.

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