71 - The Mansion

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Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

We were very far from the place where the communication devices blacked out probably because of the minerals underground. At first, they gave off a screeching noise before completely blacking out. By then, we were very far from the tribal village. We were around a fire, warming ourselves. 

The rain had stopped, leaving behind a wet forest floor with puddles almost everywhere. The air around us was slightly chill, laden with that earthy scent you smell after rainfall. It was laden with that scent which makes you want to be on the porch in front of your house, snacks in hand, just watching the rain. Smelling that scent brought to my mind memories of how my friends and I would eat crunchy and tasty empanadas, dripping with cheese and oil, after a bout of rainfall. Those memories of my childhood were irresistible. There was a railroad that went by our street. My friends and I used to sit with the empanadas in hand, on our terraces, staring at the trains pass by, watching millions of faceless people — whose identity and life stories we knew not— stare at us from their railcars.

We began to spread our sleeping bags around the fire. I looked up at the sky and stared at the clouds, which showed signs of rainfall that will continue after this brief pause. Mendo Vanegas and Margalida Velez had taken the machetes with them to cut some wood for making an artificial shelter that could shield us from the rain.

With my soaked fingers, I grasped the piece of paper that had descriptions of the two missing Policemen with their photographs stapled on the top right corner. I thought about where could they have possibly gone, as I smelt the aroma of the food that Luismar was cooking. She was boiling some rice in a small metal pot. 

Before we entered the forest, during our return to Las Taperas before embarking on this mission, we downloaded satellite images of the 'La Tierra Del Sangre' to serve as maps. The maps were stashed into my bag. True to what some Urban Legends and CreepyPasta articles on the internet said, 'La Tierra Del Sangre' was added as an enclave of 'El Bosque De La Muerte'. How both of these places got their names, I know not but 'La Tierra Del Sangre' suits the area the name of which it is because of the legends surrounding that area. I put the paper with the name of the duo aside and inspected the satellite images that we brought with us, after pulling them out, crumpled, from my bag. I compared the images with the map I downloaded off the CreepyPasta forum and tried to find landmarks that both of these maps shared. I could spot the giant tree that the map on the forum talked about to the west of the forest, the hills to the east and the lake to the extreme south. But there was one thing in the middle of 'La Tierra Del Sangre' which was in the map on the CreepyPasta forum but not on the satellite images: Casa Perdida. What could it be? I examined the area on the satellite images which corresponded to where this 'Casa Perdida' was to be located. I didn't find any 'Casa Perdida' in the satellite images.
Assuming that this Casa Perdida must have been a house or building, I continued to glance at the satellite images multiple times, running my fingers over their glossy surfaces, trying to find where the Casa was. I ran my fingers through the place where there were hills and then to the place where there a few thickets until I found something interesting in the thicket. I lifted the image I was looking at close to my eye and carefully tried to ascertain what I was seeing. I could barely see something white like the terrace of a house canopied by trees. I squinted my eyes and observed the anomaly, wondering what it could be. It was a terrace of a house. I found it. Casa Perdida was that anomaly. That house was what the CreepyPasta referred to as 'Casa Perdida', I thought. In the CreepyPasta map, written next to the name 'Casa Perdida' was what might be the second name of the house: 'Casa Amada'. Something about the name of the house attracted me. Perhaps this house might be the den of 'La Negra'. Now, I must confess that I was confused, and a bit afraid, about La Negra. I was confused because the opinions I got from people about who La Negra was have been confusing. Half the people whom I asked believed that she/he is a demon, while the other half believed that he/she was a psychopath whose head was messed up. I consequently was confused and inconclusive. Nevertheless, I was terrified of La Negra. Whatever it/she/he is, ghost or poltergeist or psychopath, the descriptions of the things La Negra did were horrific, hair-raising and fearmongering. 

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