Chapter 26 ~ Childhood

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Chapter 26 ~ Childhood

(Please read A/n at the end ^-^ )

- Lucy's POV -

Jade held me in her arms and it felt like a sisterly hug. She had always been like a sister to me. She had been the only one there for me when my parents left. . .

~ Flashback ~

"Mom? Dad? Why do you two have suitcases? Are we going on a trip?" naive 12 year old me asked. I was young and innocent back then. I didn't know the evil deeds that adults could commit. I had no idea. My world was surrounded with joy and happiness that I didn't suspect any evil coming in.

My mother patted my head," It's business trip that only your father and I are attending. We will be back in a few days. There is money on the counter. Good bye!" my mother yelled as they both swiftly escaped. She never gave me a chance to protest or even question on how she had too many suitcases for it to be a business trip. But I shrugged it off.

Days became weeks since I had last seen my parents. Then those weeks became months. Everyday I would wait by the door sure they would come. A mother and father wouldn't abandon her daughter, would they? That's when one day I woke up and I realized that they wouldn't come back. That day my world changed. I wasn't the nice little goody two-shoes Lucy anymore. I didn't care about my grades, my friends, my family, nor myself. I dint car was out anything nor anyone.

I began to skip class every once in a while. Jade would try to talk to me. Ask me what was wrong. But I ignored her and pretended that I didn't hear her. I was bitter. She had something I didn't. Loving parents.

Then I began to skip class every week and then soon it became everyday. Jade would always come by and knock on my door waiting for me to open it and talk to her. But I never did. I really took her for granted those days. When I needed her the most I didn't let her in.

One day she just stopped coming and I felt lonely and abandoned. I stopped going to school at all. That's when the cops came. They came to see why I wasn't going to school. Instead of facing them and telling them that my parents had abandoned me, I ran. I ran away through the back and surprisingly I ended up in Jade's back yard. She was outside swinging by herself on her red swing. She looked back and saw me and her eyes widened. She was surprised to see me there.

I remember just standing there and then falling to my knees in tears. All Jade did was walk over to me and hug me. I cried into her hair but she didn't mind. That's when I realized I wasn't by myself. I had a best friend who cared for me as if I was her sister. . .her family. That day the Collins took me in. Jade's parents were very kind to me. They gave me a place to stay when they heard what my parents did.

I was happy that my parents left me because if they hasn't I wouldn't have the family that I have now. I wouldn't have met Evan. . . I still remember our first encounter. It was a few years later when I was fifteen. He had just transferred to our school and he hung around the popular badass Aiden. I remember I was late to school that day because I had overslept. I cursed my alarm clock and ran inside the school. I was running to class not paying attention when I bumped into someone and fell an my arse. I looked up and saw a boy with brown hair and blue/green eyes. He was cute in a way. He held a hand out to me which I rejected. I stood up by myself and dusted myself off," Watch where your going asshole." I growled between my teeth. He smirked," Feisty, I like that. By the way I believe you bumped into me." I glared at him," Whatever. I'm late and I have no intention on spending anymore time with an ass like you." I spit out and left for class. All I remember was hearing his laugh echo through the walls. . .asshole.

I hadn't talked to him since until it was the day I would meet my mate. It was the last day of school. That day I skipped school because I honestly did not like the idea of being forcefully pared by the universe to some stranger. Jade would always ramble on how she wanted to be pared with her mate and the dates they would go on. I hated the idea of being tied to someone while being sixteen. I wanted to explore more and have a little fun. I was hoping to being one of those rare cases where I would find my mate when I was older or maybe never and have to find love with a mundane. Which I didn't mind. I actually was looking forward to it.

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