The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 12

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Sierra had stayed up all night looking after Flint, so in the morning, when he came waltzing through the door of the kitchen with a cocky grin on his face, I wasn't surprised. But instead of feeling happy that my friend was back, I felt wary of him. I hadn't forgotten the state Annie had been after he had tried to hit her, and it would be a long time before I trusted him anywhere near her.

"Feeling better?" Radleigh asked, looking up from his breakfast. Flint flexed his muscles and kissed his bicep. I rolled my eyes.

"Much," he replied, sitting down in the seat across from me and helping himself to a roll from the basket. He ate it hungrily, tearing it like an animal.

"So when did you and Annie get together?" he asked through a mouth full of bread. I looked at Radleigh but he was determinedly staring at the scraps of food he had left on the plate. I wasn't sure how Flint was going to react to knowing that Annie and I had been mated; from what I had seen, he had a pretty big thing for her.

"Since Friday," I said stiffly. I felt the mark on my chest tingle and I looked down. Flint's eyes followed mine and then narrowed. He stopped chewing.

"You mated her?" he demanded. How had he known that? Had I been the only one to be misinformed about the whole mating ritual? I just looked blankly at him.

"I just thought you two were shagging." I really wanted to hit him there and then, and it had nothing to do with my wolf.

"No, they're together," Radleigh said. "Forever."

Flint nodded and went back to devouring his roll. How I had been friends with this dick had completely escaped me. I watched him finish his current roll and then start on the next one, shoving it down his throat.

I got to my feet; I didn't care that he had been nearly killed in the woods. Both him and his behaviour disgusted me.

"You going to see your girl?" Flint shot at me. "You want to watch that one; she'll break your heart."

I was that close to breaking his nose, never mind my heart. Radleigh shot me a warning look and I tried to keep my emotions controlled. After mating with Annie, my head had been all over the place and I knew it was going to take a few weeks for them to get back into whack. The way I was feeling though, it was going to be a very long few weeks for everyone.

I left the kitchen and went out into the hall. I wanted to see Annie but I didn't know if she felt the same. It had been all very well lying on her bed last night speaking but now, after the shock of thinking I had been hurt, would she be so willing to be nice to me?


I looked and saw Macca coming down the long corridor that led to his and Georgie's bedroom.

"Yeah?" I said. I couldn't remember the last time I had had a proper conversation with my brother. It must have been before he had found Georgie because I couldn't recollect any meaningful brotherly talks with her lurking in the background.

"I want to speak to you."

He grabbed me by the elbow and dragged me into the empty living room. If he was about to give me the sex talk, he was about three years too late; I'd worked it all out the hard way.

I sat down, trying not to look as bored as I knew I was going to. Macca sat across from me, his face solemn.

"What?" I asked. It came out ruder than I had meant it and I automatically felt very apologetic.

"Annie." That was all he said and he didn't need to say anymore. I knew that this was going to be the big speech about respecting my mate and making sure no harm came to her; I remembered Gordon hauling Macca off to give it to him.

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