Chapter One

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Sequel to Let Me Love You Again.

If you're new to this series I highly recommend that you read Let Me Love You Again before reading Come Back To Me so you won't be confused. I hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter One:

Four years later

Ellie's Pov:

"Yes, Mom. I'll be home soon." I said into my cellphone, quickly chopping carrots and tossing them into a pot that boiled on the kitchen stove.

"How much longer do you think it'll be?" She asked, moving around in what sounded like her bed. "A half hour at the most." I answered, turning around at the sound of Antonio rushing into the kitchen when a cart of used dishes.

"Why are you up still, anyway?" I asked her as I slowly stirred the soup that I was taking my time to cook to perfection. "Well, I get worried. Ever since you took that job downtown."

"Ellie." I heard Peyton say, handing me another order slip.

"Mom, I'll be fine." I said as I poured the light yellow soup into a glass plater, adding the requested basil spice. "I'm Twenty Two. I think I can handle the late shift." I said, smiling at her motherly tone. "I know, Ellie. I just don't want you to get hurt or eat a bad onion." She said.

"There's no spoiled ingredients in here. I get paranoid so I check everyday." I said honestly, quickly handing the soup over to Daniel and reading over my next order.

"The only time I've gotten hurt in this restaurant was when Antonio forgot to dry the floor after mopping." I added, watching him wash the dishes at an overly fast pace. "There's nothing bad here, Mom." I said, turning the stove back to the temperature I had at first.

"Fine. Get back to work, my little cook." I rolled my eyes. "Alright. Bye." I quickly hung up, slipping my phone into my apron side pocket.

"What's up with all the soup orders?!" I asked Peyton. She looked over at me for a second before continuing to chop the tomatoes she had lined up for a spaghetti order. "I don't know. I guess they like the way you make it." She said, laughing and sliding the slices she had already cut to the side.

"It's really expensive so keep doing what you're doing." Adam said, carrying new inventory to the back. I shrugged, pouring the broth I had been using all day into the pot. "All I've been doing is making soup since 7am. I was glad some guy wanted a steak around 5..." I said, watching the liquid boil.

"Stop complaining. They love your soup. Be proud." Peyton said, walking over and helping me with all the carrot and potato slicing. "It's tiring." I said, wiping my stained, sore and tired hands on a wet towel. "Nobody told you to work an extra five hours." Daniel said, handing me yet another slip that demanded Soup.

"Christmas is soon and I need the money." I said, yawning and pushing loose strands of red hair back into my ponytail. "You get enough for a regular day. You're doing too much." She mumbled, rubbing my aching shoulders.

"Get off." I shrugged her hands off, placing a second pot on the wide stove and pouring broth into it. "I can't rest...I have two more orders." Daniel laughed, placing the papers on the counter. "Make that four." He said, winking at us both before heading back out into the main room with the patrons, taking orders and looking all fancy.

I wiped sweat from my brow, taking a long breath before grabbing my knife and cutting the meat into appropriate bite sized squares, dumping them into the pot.

"Ellie, I'll finish up, alright?" Peyton said, motioning for Rose to come help. "Go home and rest."

"But-" She quieted me with her finger to my lips, shaking her head. "Go home and rest."

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