Adrian's POV

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Today I have a doctors appointment with Dr Edwards sister. I'm so excited to see how the baby is doing. I get dressed and put on a white button down shirt with black beige and white skirt and black pumps. I put on mascara and lipstick and tied my hair into a ponytail. I quickly ate whole grain cereal and an apple and left to the school. I got in my car and left. I arrive and looked down at my belly and smiled.

"Ok baby, we got a day to go through" and rubbed it and went to my classroom. "Hello class, I'm sorry I've been absent but now I'm back". They asked me bunch of questions and tried to tell them without giving too much information. I told the kids to start on a poem about your feelings. Finally it was 2nd period when the sub came in and i left. I got in my car and drove to the hospital. Kaden was gonna meet me there since he couldn't pick me up because he was doing 'important plans' but wouldn't tell me about them.

On the sideline beside being alpha kaden owns a architecture company, he makes the design and gets people to do the building. I'm happy about him doing something besides alpha duties. I arrive at the hospital and started walking inside. I went up to the 5th floor and went into her office. I sign in and waited for Kaden. 10 min later kaden arrive and kissed me. I saw all the ladies there looking shocked and we're gawking at him. Ugh i rolled my eyes and snuggled up to him.

"Adrian Michaels" a nurse called and ingot up and intertwined my hand with Kaden and walked inside to the back and sat on a bed. "Ok I'll need you to pee in this cup and then I'll take some blood" i nodded and went into the small restroom inside the room. I got out and handed it to her. She took out a big tube. "Ok now Dr . Edwards will come" i nodded and laid down. Dr Edwards was Dr. Edwards twin sister. "Hello Adrian lizzy told me that I'll be checking on the luna" i nodded and smiled.

"Ok just pulled down your skirt and I'll do a ultrasound ok" i nodded pulling it down so my belly was full view. She turn on the sonogram machine and put on the gel that was a bit cold and put started to move the probe around till i heard the heart beat. "Ok that's your baby heartbeat, it's still small to see what it is but don't worry everything looks good, and I'll warn you, since you have werewolf blood in you , you will carry your baby for either 4 to 5 months.

I know it seems fast but werewolf pups grow intensely faster than a regular human baby. At 2 1/2 or 3 months you will be able to find out the baby gender, so i suggest you buy the essentials then buy the gender stuff" i nodded and smiled at kaden and kissed him. "Here are the pictures and here I'm giving you more prenatal vitamins" i took them and was told my next appointment.

Kaden walked me back to the car and said "baby i have a surprise for you, come and follow me " i agreed and got in and followed him. We were near the pack house but about what seems like a block away is where our destination was. As we got closer my mouth dropped, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. It was the house of my dreams. My perfect house was in inspiration from the Cullen house from twilight and i always wanted a house alike or similar to it but this house blew my mind. I get out with my mouth still mouth open.

"Surprise baby, i build this house for us, do you like it, since you said you loved the house from that twilight movie so i decided to make one similar to it" i turned around and squealed happily and kissed him all over his face. "Omg kaden, it's perfect i love it already from the outside" "well come in and see the rest" we walk in the the inside was similar to the house too and i love my house even more. It had 5 bedrooms and a basement "Ohh my, thanks baby for the surprise, I love this house, when can we move in" well come Friday our room is the last room needed, so I'll just put our furniture and clothes in" i hugged him "thanks kaden" "no problem beautiful"

I drove back home and change into comfortable clothes and relaxed on the bed. I rubbed my belly "hey baby, I know your a boy, that dream wow i can't believe it, I'll think of a name for you since you never told me" i kept rubbing my belly and fell asleep.

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