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Hi! I'm Solaris! You can call me Sunshine, Sol or Solaris! Please don't call me author chan ;-; it's annoying.

I don't know why I made this but I made it for fun I guess.

Tips for Grammar:

-Ask what do you need help with!

-you can ask me to see your story if it has errors

Tips for Art:

-Ask what do you need help with!

Learn Spanish:

I'll be teaching Spanish, if you want to learn how to say a word in Spanish, ask me! However, I have rules..

1. I will not teach how to cuss

2. I will not teach how to say inappropriate things

3. I CAN teach how to say lovey dovey stuff in Spanish

If you have a hard time pronouncing a word, PM me for my discord and to chat on discord so I can see if how you pronounce it is ok. OR, i can make an amino. If this gets 5 votes, I'll make one.

I thinks that's all, bye!

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