Preference- You Are on Your Period

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Niall- You really don't like going out on your period. But Niall wants to take you on a date tonight. Your torn. Do you want to go out and have nasty cramps, or stay home and not see him? You decide to call him. "Niall hun, I am really sorry, I don't feel to awesome, and I kinda just wanna stay home tonight."
"Oh! yes stay home I dont want my princess getting sick! Would you like me to come over?"
"Niall, I don't want you getting sick, why don't you stay with the lads?"
"But I am with them all the time PLEASE." you are sure at this time he would be making puppy dog eyes at you. 
"Niall, please."
"Fine. I love you call me?"
"Of course, Love you too!"
 You hang up pretty bummed. But its for the best. You don't want him to deal with your emotions. The rest of the afternoon is spent eating chocolate and all kinds of food. You just sit on your computer, and text Niall. At around 6 There is a knock at the door. It Niall. He comes in carrying a bag of chocolate and some other food. He gives you a hug. "I missed you and I didn't want to leave you alone."
"Niall, I love you." The rest of the night is spent watching movies in Niall's arms.

Harry- You and Harry are sitting in Harry's flat. You keep getting nasty cramps, but you try to shrug it off. Harry gets up to go make some Hot Pockets. You lay on the couch hugging your stomach. This is really bad. You don't usually get cramps so these are bad. Harry walks in. "Y/N are you okay??" He rushes to your side. "I'm fine Haz." You don't want this to get weird because for some reason guys are frightened by periods. "No your not.... is it.. that.. time of... the month?" He asks cautiously. All you do is nod your head. He goes to the kitchen and comes out with some chocolate bars. He cradles you in his arms. He rubs your stomach, you eventually fall asleep in Harry's arms.

Louis- "Lou I don't wanna go swimming!!!!" You yell. "Why not?" Lou keeps whining. You are in your room. Having nasty cramps and you hate the world right now. You ignore him until he breaks down the door. "LOU WHAT IN THE NAME ARE YOU DOING!" "Well you weren't answering me so I thought you died." 'Why would I have died?" "I don't know, wait why are you crying." "I'm not crying." You wipe away the tears and burry your face in the pillow. You clench your stomach and let out a groan of agony. "You are not okay... what is the matter! Tell me please." "Fine..... its that time again." "Ohhhhhh. I will be back." A half an hour later Louis comes in with a HUGE plush blanket, tons of chocolate and A LOT of movies. You spend the rest of the day wrapped in the blanket in his arms.

Liam- Today SUCKS! Everything that could do wrong has gone wrong. There is no chocolate, and NO movies, You have cramps, and a headache. You ran out of Midol and have no way to get to the store. You send you mom a text. "Can you go to the store get me some Midol and chocolate. Please Today sucks! <3  you!" You send your boyfriend Liam a text that you cant hangout and you are sick. He sends back AHHHH :( babe don't be sick I misses you! Can I at least come see you?" 
 Is all you say. about an hour later there is a knock. You don't want to get up so you yell come in. You see Liam with a bag. "I think you sent the text to the wrong person." He shows you the text. "I am sorry Liam!" "Its okay love, I got you Midol and chocolate anyways" He is so sweet. You spend the rest of the day half asleep watching all three Toy Story movies. 

Zayn- You and Zayn are sitting on the couch. He can always tell when you are on your period. You really don't understand it, but he just can. Today he bought you a chocolate cake and it was good! Today has been a weird day. "Hey babe, can you go grab that blanket." No this request seemed to tip you over the edge. He has been asking for stuff all day. "Why can't you go get! You have two non broken legs. Get off you lazy bum and get it yourself!!!!" "Y/N what is your problem!" You storm off to your room. Mad at the world. "Y/N hey I'm sorry just let me in." "the doors open..." "I'm sorry, I know its been a bad day. How bout we sit a cuddle in here." He knows your weak spot. You absolutely love cuddling. You move over a tad, he crawls in beside you and you lay on his warm chest and drift off to sleep.

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