💗 Chappy 17

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Shiv_wifey where is my doraemon?

Ani_😥 phail gha raitha!!!

Shiv_say wifey where is he?

Ani_(making stern face)if you want ice cream or not ?

Shiv_i want ice cream that too a big one

Ani_then don't ask me about doraemon



Shiv_nothing wifey 😀😀😀
Come let's go to eat my fav ice cream

  Plan success 😋😋😋

Ani_good boy come.

Ani_Shivay i say stop

Shiv_no wifey if i stand you make me to wear that blue dress.

Ani_but shivay you look good in this dress.

Shiv_no wifey i don't like blue

Ani_i don't like green color so change it.

Shiv_if i change this color he beat me



Ani_why he going to beat you for changing dress color

Shiv_he say me that mad people only wear  green color dress . I'm mad na that's why i have to wear this color.

Ani_you was not mad shivay

Shiv_really wifey😱😁.

Now like a good boy change this dress.

Shiv_but he...

Ani_no one dare to touch you when I'm here with you

Shiv_👏👏👏 supper

Anika make shivay wear blue shirt. Shivay constantly look herself in mirror.

Shiv_wifey how I'm looking 😳?

Ani_you are looking like shivay 😂😂😂

Shiv_😕 i know I'm shivay

Ani_then why you ask me 😁.

Shiv_😤😤😤 bad wifey.
Shivay go and hide behind sofa.

Ani_shivay what are you doing there come out


Ani_if you want ice cream  are not?

Shiv_no i don't want any ice cream😡.

Ani_shivay !!!
Ok baba  sorry
Now come out

Shiv_then say me how I'm looking?

Ani_you look like cinema star.

Shiv_really 😍

    To continue...

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