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I'm scared to commit to things. The reason why is because when I was young I watched my parents marriage get ruined since I was in kindergarten. My dad didn't want to go to work so he did something and now he gets paid by the state every month for doing absolutely nothing.

My mom on the other hand was working two jobs. My dad never wanted to pay for anything he never even left the house. He didn't even by food for his own family. My mom always had to work hard to make sure that me and my sister always got what we needed while my dad just sat there and did nothing.

My mom was sick of him but never left him. Their marriage has been over since I was 5 but they never got divorced until me and my sister went to college.

Now because of that I don't like relationships. I know that seems like a dumb reason but it's just scary. What if I fall in love with someone and we get married and then I spent all my time and energy on them for the marriage to just be ruined. It's just scary to me.

Right now I was just walking around town. When I got tired of walking I sat down on one of the benches in the park.

When I go to the park there is usually people walking around with their boyfriend or girlfriend and I always just sit there and looked like I'm depressed.

And that is what I am doing right now. Sitting looking depressed.

But that changed when someone walked up to me.

"Hey sorry to bother you but can I ask you something" she said. "Sure I guess". "Can I have your number". "Why". "Well me and my friends are playing a game and I'm supposed to ask someone for there number. So here I am". "But there's a bunch of other people around". "Yeah but they don't look as pretty as you". I blushed a little after she said that.

I wanted to give her my number but she could be a killer. Even though she doesn't look like one. She's actually really pretty.

"And what happens if I don't give you my number" I said. "They'll make me drink something that they made. And they can put anything they want in it. And when I say anything I mean ANYTHING even their pee". "Fine".

I gave her my number and then walked back home.

All I could think about was her. I mean if she was going to kill me then I mean she's just speeding up the process because I was going to die one day. I hope she's not a killer though.

I get back home and I didn't get a message until later that night.

Hey it's that girl from the park. My name is Katie btw.

Oh hey. I didn't think you were actually going to text me.

I wouldn't have asked for your number if I wasn't going to.

I just thought you just had to ask for it and get then just carry on with life.

That's not how I play. Anyway wanna go somewhere tomorrow.

Sure. Where do you want to go.

Just meet back at the park and I'll show you.

Ok I guess. What time.



I'll let you sleep now goodnight


I turned off my phone and put it on the charger.

I layed in bed and thought for a while.

Am I really going on a date with a stranger. Is this even a date. No it's not she doesn't even know me like that. Why of all people would she ask for my number though. She is really pretty though.

Then I eventually fell asleep.

A/n: I'm making a part two. I don't know when I'll post that later.

On another note it's my birthday and I'm not even excited. Bye

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