Blue Shadow Virus

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Narrator: Battle Droids on Naboo! As the Separatist rebellion rages through the galaxy, even peaceful planets are threatened. Following the discovery of Separatist Droids wandering the grassy wasteland, Naboo is once again on high alert. Fearing their home is facing another invasion, Senator Amidala and Representative Binks race to Naboo to assess the situation. Meanwhile, near the Gungan swamplands, an even greater threat is about to be discovered.

Naboo No POV

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Padme and Jar Jar met with Captain Typho and the Queen of Naboo, they went to the lab where they managed to re-activate a Tactical Droid while Jar Jar tried to eat a blue bug, the Tactical Droid couldn't see so they had to trick it into revealing if they are more Battle Droids in the planet, 3PO almost got the information but Jar Jar had to do one of his dumbass mistakes and bring an entire shelve of droid parts destroying the droid. Jar Jar was chasing a bug that is found on the swamps, Padme put two and two together and knew where to go: The Eastern Swamps. They contacted the Jedi Temple and they agreed to send Kenobi and Skywalker. Meanwhile, a Gungan traveler stopped at the river so her animals could drink water but some of her animals died due to the poisoned water that was coming from the Swamp. Padme and Jar Jar, in bio suits, flew over to the place and saw the dead animals, the female Gungan attacked them believing they were enemies but then she cleared up the question from where the virus was coming from, the water from the swamps. They went to the swamp and found the entrance to the swamp but they got captured by Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids. They were brought inside the lab and they met a guy named Dr Vindi. He told them his plan on making bombs with the Blue Shadow Virus to spread across the galaxy, the insane doctor was going to use it to eradicate "the superior life forms" that spread War around the galaxy. Dark Guard was watching from another room and his armored was upgraded to be a bio-suit.

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Naboo Palace No POV

A Republic Gunship landed on the main hangar and out stepped Kenobi, Skywalker, R2, Zane and Ahsoka.

Typho: General Kenobi, Anakin. We're so glad...

Anakin; where's Senator Amidala?

Typho: she went to look for the lab.

Anakin: and you let her go?

3PO: Senator Padme can be very hard to stop once she has made up her mind.

Anakin: good point. I know what you mean.

Typho: this is Peppi Bow. She was the last person to see them. Padme sent her here to safety.

Peppi: theysa looking for the sick-maker.

Kenobi: "they"?

Typho; Representative Binks was with her.

Anakin; go with the Gungan, see if you can find them.

Ahsoka: you've got it, Master.

Kenobi: go with them, Zane.

Zane: yes, Master.

Ahsoka, Zane and Peppi left and Anakin spoke until they were out of ear shot.

Anakin; why didn't you send someone to look for them?

Typho: considering the latest developments, we though it was best to wait for you.

Kenobi: what latest developments?

Captain Typho showed a hologram of one of the Battle Droid's memory banks and showed them Dr. Nuvo Vindi talking about the bombs but it also showed them Dark Guard in a recording killing Gungan Scouts. They even got a geo-scan of the lab and organized a plan.

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