Promise We Made at My Favorite Sandbox

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It was the summer I'll never forget,

the summer I met my first crush. I was seven years old, and I had just got into dancing classes. Every Thursday after class I would go to the park two blocks away from our house. It was a really hot day, I wore my favorite blue dress and red shoes. I enjoyed everything at the park, but my favorite place was the sandbox, I could play in the sandbox all day. Usually nobody was at the park, but on this day there was a boy. The boy sat alone in the sandbox grabbing sand and letting it fall through his fingers.

"Mama! There is a boy in my sandbox!" I shouted tugging on her dress

"Well how about you go play with him, he looks lonely." she said calmly

I ran to the sandbox next to the boy and stood there for minute before he realized I was watching him. He looked up at me for a second and then looked back down at the sand.

"Hello" he said almost in a whisper

"Hi my name is Raspberry!" I said very gleefully

"Raspberry? Isn't that a fruit?" he said still looking at the sand

"Yea, my mommy says it's a un-uni-unikeee name"

"Do you mean unique?

"Yea! Unique!!"

"It is pretty unique." he said with a smile

"What's your name?"

"Seth" he said looking away

"That's a cool name! I know a guy that goes to my school and he's name is Seth, but I don't hang out with him because my friend Kindle told me that he has koodies!!"

"You still believe in koodies?"

"Well yea, all boys have them?"

"Do you think I have them?" he said this looking up into my eyes. Now that I got a better look at him, he must be at least two years older than me! He had very dirty blond hair, and his face was dirty probably from playing in the sand.

"No, I don't think that older boys have koodies, it's just little boys that are my age." I said explaining to him. He looked back down giggling to himself and playing with the sand again

"Why are you here by yourself? Where are your parents?"

"My dad is at the bar across the street, I usually stay at home with my nanny until he comes home, but she's on vacation so he just told me to play at the park until he's done."

"Well where's your mommy?"

"I don't know, she left me when I was two."

"I'm sorry." I felt bad for asking now. I sat down next to him and began to build a sandcastle. He slowly turned his head and watched me build my castle.

"Do you want to help?" He nodded his head and helped.

Time just flew by while we giggled together and play in my favorite sandbox.

"Raspberry it's getting late! We need to go home!"

"But mom, I'm having fun!!" I whined.

"We'll come back next week"

I looked over at Seth while he still played in the sand.

"Seth, I got to go." I said sadly

"Awww I was having fun!!"

"Yea me too. Hey! Can we meet here next week?"

"Yea I'll ask my dad!"

"Ok, then it's a promise!!"


I got up from the sandbox and walked away with my mom waving at Seth while he still stayed in the sandbox.

We met at that sandbox every Thursday til summer ended. He sometimes would stay the night at my house and I would sometimes stay at his house. His dad was very nice, but drank a lot and was usually gone at the bar. Whenever I stayed at his house, his nanny would play hide and seek with us, and after that we would eat some cracker jack, which was both of our favorite snacks. I had a lot of fun with him. He was my best friend.

A week before school started we met up at the sandbox as usually, but he seemed to be really sad.

"What's wrong Seth?"

"My dad said that I'm going to a boarding school, it's really far away from New York and I probably won't get to see you anymore." tears began to build up in my eyes and it felt like this was a bad dream

"B-but I thought we were going to go to the same school and be best friends!?" I shouted.

"I know, I know, but my dad thinks it'll be better for me if I don't." My heart was beating fast and my face was flushed with fury!

"No!! You're my best friend and you can't leave" I shouted beginning to cry. He slowly wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry." he said quietly. After about a few minutes of crying I felt a little bit better.

"Raspberry, I promise that one day I'll come back and we'll be best friends again."

"D-do you promise?"

"Yes I promise." he said pulling two rings that we got from a cracker jack package

"What's that?"

"It's a ring that promises that I'll come back for you no matter what!" he said putting it on my finger.

"Now will you make me a promise?" he asked slowly


"Please don't ever get another boy best friend besides me, don't let anybody take my place." he said blushing "Because I think you're really pretty and when I come back I want to be your boyfriend." I could feel my heart skip a beat. My face was turning bright red. I had seen movies about boyfriends and girlfriends, they hug, tell each other cute things, go on dates, and even k-kiss!!

"I'm sorry, forget I said that" he said quickly

"No! I want to be your girlfriend!" I shouted

"Just promise that you'll never find a girl to replace me!!" I said blushing

"Then it's a deal" he said putting on his ring.

"It's a deal" I said with a smile

That day was the last day I saw Seth, and that was also the last day I went to that park, but I'll keep waiting for Seth, I'll always remember the promise we made at my favorite sandbox.

Hope everybody likes it:D I'll bo posting a new story every Monday:D

-Tori Mills

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