Chapter 15: His interests

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I wanted to go to this specific park where you can walk around eat some takoyaki and take pictures with the pretty cherry blossom trees.
I thought it was cute and romantic.
Totally out of his likings.

I told him about the place enthused, and he didn't make a fuss about it and agreed without any rude comments.
I thought he would say something like, "that's too boring" or "you're so fucking lame" or " just perish" something like that.

I could never get tired of his calm and pretty self.

He caught me pacing around and humming.
"What's up with you jolly O' rancher" he asked, sarcastically.
"Nothing I'm just happy, aren't you?"
I smiled.
He raised one of his eyebrow and shook his head"Whatever"
"Can I get a better answer?"
"Sure I guess?" He mumbled and shrugged, unsure of his answer and I pouted.
"It's ok, I'll be happy by myself" I said with a little sarcasm as I roll my eyes, sulking.
I was kinda wishing that he would say he's happy being around me. Maybe because I literally said "he- makes-me-incredibly-happy" in front of his parents making me look like I'm so head over heels for him.

Not like I'm expecting him to say the same....
Maybe a little.

We arrived at the park and went to the food stalls
and bought some takoyaki to munch on while we take in the fresh air and the scenery of the cherry blossoms. It was beautiful, the pink and white tone of the trees and it's petals piled up everywhere.

We watch the cherry blossoms fall from the tree, skipping across the ground in the breeze and tumbles into the corner.
It was such a calming place, bird chirping softly, people walking, minding their own business, it's almost like, I just want to lay down somewhere  exulting the scintillating view.

We started walking and follows a pathway that leads to God knows where.

Bakugo took his last bite of takoyaki,
"So we're just gonna walk around?" He said while chewing the remaining food in his mouth, with his unbothered expression.
He was totally bored. I get it he doesn't like this kind of things.
"Well I was wondering if you would like to sit somewhere and... talk maybe?", the words tumbled out of my mouth.
"Talk? What are we gonna talk about?" He said confused.
I wanted to just have a nice, long talk with him about anything honestly. I just really wanted to get to know more of Bakugo, but obviously he's not up for it.
"N-never mind" I stuttered and frown my way to the dead end of the pathway.
"We should take pictures" I added, disregarding my mood swings.
He opened his palm to me. "What" I asked.
"Gimme your phone, you said you wanted to take pictures" he said.
"No, WE will take pictures TOGETHER" I said and pulled him closer to me.
I took out my phone and snapped a photo.
He looked really uninterested.... well at least ..I guess.. he looked at the camera?

And why does he always look pretty in photos?

We continued to walk in silence.
I didn't really want to talk, I felt like everything that I say is irrelevant to him.
Honestly though, does he not enjoy my company.
My pacing and humming self from before is replaced by my gloomy self.
All I could think of was Bakugo and I can't help but get sad.

It's been a few minutes of walking and no talking.
Bakugo seem to be glancing at me every second.
Is there something wrong with my face?
Well whatever, not like he cares how I look.
"Something wrong?" He asked and I shook my head, but that's not enough for him.
Bakugo suddenly held my hand, and pulled me closer to him, placing my head on his chest.
"What's up Bakugo?" I said in surprise.
His hands run down my waist and he pulled me closer to him.
I started to blush on how close he is to me right now that I could feel his breath.
"Why the fuck are you sad, didn't you say I make you happy or something?" He asked with guilt in his eyes.
I stared at his eyes, trying to read him but I couldn't.

"You do" I said. I hesitated to talk but when I finally got the courage I ask him,
"But are you happy being around me too?, because I feel like every time we're together you looks so.., well not interested".
His face turned sour.
"Listen dumbass, I have two interests, becoming the #1 hero and you, got that" he said.
I opened my mouth as if I was going to say something but I stopped.
I found myself blushing more and my stomach flutters uncontrollably.
I buried my face into his chest trying to hide my tomato face and I gripped his wide back and hug him really tight.
"You mean it..." I mumbled. The corner of my eyes started to tear up. I felt like crying.

Ugh crybaby

It felt like everything was rising up in me, like I was drowning in this weirdly painful joy.
Before I even knew it, I was already crying on his chest. He gently pushed me revealing my sunken face.
His eyes narrowed. I didn't know if he was getting pissed because I'm crying or because he's worried.
I couldn't read him.
I wipe my tears with the back of my hand, trying to calm down. I didn't know why I was crying so much.

"What's wrong dumnass.." he said with a gentle tone, eyes glued to me as I wipe my tears.
"Nothing.. I.." I stuttered looking for words.
"I.. was just happy" I finally answered.
"Who fucking cries when they're happy?"
When I finally got my composure back, I pulled away from him breaking the hug.
"Haven't you heard of tears of joy"I said.
He frowned at my statement, clearly confused and changed the topic.

"You sure dumbass?" He asked, "that.. you're okay?" He added.
"Yeah, yeah totally" I said and manage to put on a smile, that seemed to filter out his worry.

He didn't said a word and just stare at me. He grabbed my hand and stared walking, "let's get some more of those takoyaki" he said.
I looked at our hands clasped together. His hands are so much bigger than mine, almost covering my entire hand. It's vaguely rough and I could feel the calluses, due to his harsh training but most importantly, I feel safe and secured when he holds my hand. We often do it so I got used to it and I found myself always searching for it.

At this point, I wanted to ask him something.
I wanted to know if he would treat me the same and hold my hands like he always does even if we were to break off the bet. I wanted to know if everything he said and did that made me fall for him was all a lie.
But I know I couldn't bring myself to do that.
I only feel scared.
What if I did asked him that and his answer is no and laugh at my pathetic and stupid self for liking him, knowing that it was just a bet.
As much as I want to be honest with my feelings I couldn't help but get scared. I can't imagine him, being so comfortable with any other girls, doing the same things we do, like train together, go on dates and hold hands.
It hurts my heart whenever I think that we're not gonna be together.
Gosh it aches.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I felt agitated.
I pulled my hand away from his.
He stop in his tracks and looked at me weird.
"What?" He asked.
"Sorry, I'm tired" I excused.
He examined me as I pretend to be "tired".
"Was I walking too fast?, I'll walk slower" he said.

" make me...uh..h-happy" he quietly said under his breath. His mouth is clearly not used to these kind of words.
When he stutters like this, he just looks so sincere, and genuine slowly diluting my worries about his real feelings.

I felt butterflies in my stomach dancing in rhythm and I somehow felt better. It's nice to think that I have some type of effect on him, like how much he has an effect on me.
I was just crying, now I'm here standing in front of him getting giddy,... the things he do to me.

Or am I just turning crazy at this point?

He then slowly found his way back to my hand.
He's so gentle right now. I don't wanna ruin this, by acting seemingly "weird".
I know I have to tell him that the bet is off someday and everything will be back to normal.I have to do it, the sooner the better.
Before I continue to fall for him even more, cuz then it will be harder to detached myself from him.

We both have internships and final exams to worry about. I wanna focus on that and NO DRAMA.
To be continued...

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