sexual healing

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*this chapter for mature audiences OKAY!*
*any grammar errors I apologize*

After Nipsey left last night, I thought long and hard. We just started dating and he already fucking up. We already said that "we love each other" and I can admit Im kinda hurt but I cant just back out now. I made him feel like I forgave him last night when I let him get a taste. I woke up getting Kameron started for his day, I called Nae to tell her come over. I always need Nae's advice she knows me best.

Incoming Facetime | Hussle💙

"Hey baby"
"Hey Nipsey"
"So I'm Nipsey today?"
"What you doing?"
"Whats wrong with you?" He asked.
"Dont worry about it Nipsey."
"Dont play with me da fuck, why you short answering me?"
I was short answering him because I was definitely frustrated. Thinking about everything that happened last night I just honestly felt like I needed space. For one he literally got HEAD from his BABYMAMA last night. The bitch who I got into a fist fight with. The one who he claim he's not "with" he made it seem like they have no real contact but then this happens. Now it makes me feel like I can't trust him.
"Hussle I think we should call it off"
"what you mean?"
"Like we should just forget we ever met each other"
"See hell nah you talking crazy as fuck right now" He yelled.
"Hussle I cant trust you"
"But you trusted me with your body so how does that make sense?"
"Thats not the same.. or maybe it is. You know what exactly! I trusted you and you failed me.. I wish I would've kept it professional"
"So you regret it?"
"Yes I do."
"Wowww Lauren"
"So when you said you "loved me" was that because I gave it up? Or did you mean it?"
"I meant it"
"Yea sure, Hussle you dont have to lie"
"Aye i'm not lying cuz, we aint breaking up"
"Aye you still with me today"
"L dont act clueless now"
I completely forgot he wanted me to meet his people, I don't even think I should go because of last night. I mean its good he told me but then now I just feel weird.
"Okay whatever" I said.
"So basically you got that act right last night, felt good but then woke up mad once you really thought about it ?" Nipsey said.
I couldn't help but laugh because as bad as it seems... It was true , I thought about it last night but I just wanted it to be over with. "holdon babe somebody at the door"
"Oh Im babe now? Not Hussle? I like that"
"I meant Hussle" I opened the door to see Wayne standing there looking stupid...  I wasn't expecting it.
"Cant answer the fucking phone?"
"Since when we show up to each other houses ever since the agreement?"
"Well you aint answer the phone"
"You don't get him today"
"I wanted to see my son before I leave" He said.
"He at the table hurry up" I said.
Nipsey was still on the phone but on mute, While Wayne sat at the table with Kameron. I sat on the couch talking to Nipsey "You look handsome" I said. He just got his braids re done. He looked good as hell, always. He try to act like he to G for compliments but I see the blushing. "Yeah and you got my beard growing" he laughed.
"Oh really" I said smiling.
"Aye Im gone" Wayne said coming up behind me. Nipsey looked into the camera hard as hell. "I know you aint with another nigga" I can hear the anger in his voice. "My child's father Babe". Wayne big mouth just had to add his two cents. "So you do got a nigga"
"Mind your business. Come on"
"It is my business"
"Its not, you not even suppose to be here"
I know Wayne just did all this to make me upset. He never take anything serious he's some what childish as hell. I opened the door leading him out when he bumped into Nae. "Move nigga the fuck" she mushed him.
"Aye girl watch out crazy ass" He said. Those two never really got along. "Why was he inside your house anyway?" Nae asked. "Thats what Im trynna figure out" Nipsey said through the phone.
"See nah.. What Nipsey did lastnight?" Nae said.
"Really? You told her!"
"Not yet I told her you pissed me off"
He sucked his teeth. "It was a mistake"
I rolled my eyes, "a mistake thats gone take alot to forgive" I winked. "He cheated?" Nae asked. "But guess with who bitch!" I said.
"Girl if you say his baby mama ima just walk out right now"
"Really Lauren? This what you do?"
"You cant get mad you the one who did it"
"But are you gone tell her how I came over after and ate your soul? Right after you forgave me?"
"No! At the moment I wanted him, I let him do what he do and told him he got alot of making up to do"
"So y'all had a whole episode lastnight"
It wasn't a episode, but definitely did. Went from arguing to having a whole sexual intercourse. "Now he still want me to meet his family today" I rolled my eyes.
"And you coming, I'll be at your doorstep" He laughed.
"I believe it" Nae said.
" I'm about to come through now" he said.
"Alright sexy" I hung up the phone
   He looked good as hell, braids re done had his earrings in and was glowing. I definitely wanted me some him and he didn't even know it. "You about to give him some aren't you" Nae smirked.
"Yup" I shook my head laughing. "I aint even mad at ya, now hook me up with Hoggy" Nae laughed.
"I'm taking Kameron, I promised him Chuck E. Cheese"
"How you gone make plans with my child without me?"
"He wasn't going anyway with you girl, and y'all definitely not about to act an ass while my nephew here" Nae pointed in my face.
"Bitch was he in here last night when y'all episode happened?"
"Nae he was sleep"
"Whatever girl, you know he like to wake up in the middle of the night and get in bed with you!"
"But he didn't last night, he needs to break out of that" I rubbed my head.
  Nae was right, but he was definitely sleep and I made sure of that. Kameron has this thing where he gets up in come in my room when he can't go back to sleep that he has to break out of.

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