Chapter 4: Night With The Dursleys

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Chapter 4: Night With The Dursleys

Harry opened the door to see two angry faces meeting the two twins. "Where have you been?" the big fat man boomed and before the thin woman had a turn to speak, a fat young boy spoke. "Who's that girl behind Harry, mum?" "Um—" Harry tried to think of an answer but Harley stepped forward. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, I'm Harley Madel. Harry's old friend from school. I moved to Humbleridge 3 years ago and I haven't payed a visit here to Privet Drive ever since," she introduced herself. "Where are your parents?" Uncle Vernon asked sternly. "They died in a car crash," Harley lied and lowered her head in "sadness" "Oh, you poor thing! Who's taking care of you now?" Aunt Petunia gave Harley a tight embrace. "My Aunt but she was to move to France for the summer and told me to get a train heading here because my Uncle would pick me up and I would stay with him for the rest of the summer. But my Uncle forgot it was today and when I walked to a nearby park, I met Harry again and he offered to let me stay a night here because you were such a wonderful Aunt and Uncle to him when he had no where else to go when his parents died in a car crash," she said. "What kind of imbecile would forget to pick up their niece from the train station?" Uncle Vernon remarked. "Well, of course we would let you stay for a night," Aunt Petunia said. "Harry, why don't you bring our guest's luggage up to Dudley's extra room?" Aunt Petunia asked forgetting that Harry actually stays there. "i'll help," Harley offered trying to get out of Petunia's tight hold.

After they placed Harley's belongings in the same bedroom, they went down for dinner. And as far as the dinner went, Dudley wasn't happy when Harley scolded him for pigging all the food Harry was about to get.

When it was time for bed, Dudley called Harry before he went to his room. "What do you want, Dudley?"Harry asked groggily since he was tired. Ï want you to ask Harley if she likes me," Dudley said. That sentence slapped Harry like cold ice water on his face. "What?" Harry asked. ""I want you to ask Harley if she likes me,"Dudley said loud and clear. Harry's jaw dropped. "You don't like her more than friends, do you?" Dudley said. "Um-  n-no not at all. Just friends, more like a sister, even,"Harry stuttered. "Good," Dudley remarked. "You better tell her, Harry,"Dudley was about to threaten but Harry quickly spoke. "Sure, Dudley, I will," he said and ran to the door knob of his room. "Just friends, right?"Dudley assured himself once again. "Trust me, she's just like a sister to me," Harry smiled at his own inside joke and went inside his bedroom.

The next morning, Harry wasn't able to ask Harley if she liked Dudley but it seemed like Dudley didn't need her opinion since he acted all sweet to her. Breakfast was silent but he noticed Dudley not taking his food. The door bell rang and Harley ran to the door. She was greeted by a giant with a bush full of hair. "Hi, Hagrid!" Harley beamed at the giant. "Hello, kiddo. We have ter go," Hagrid said. "Oh, ok, let me just—"Harley almost stumbled over her luggage and Lily's cage which wasn't there a minute ago. "Let's say this is our little skeleton in the closet, eh?" Hagrid chuckled and towed them to Hagrid's motorcycle. "Harley, who's that on the door?" Aunt Petunia's voice called out. "Um- my uncle, he's here to pick me up," Harley answered. "Oh, we should meet him, than," Uncle Vernon replied and Harley heard chairs screeching and utensils clinking with the plates. "What? Um- N-n-no!" Harley and Harry then ran to overtake them. "My Uncle is really shy, he prefers not to talk to people he is not so familiar with," Harley said. "Nonsense, child. Let's meet him," Uncle Vernon said but Harley did what was needed and hugged Uncle Vernon tight an a muffled wailing sound was heard. "Sweetie, are you crying?" Aunt Petunia  asked. "N-n-no," Harley said as she smoldered her face- a trick she knew would extract tears from her eyes- with her sleeve. "Aww, come here," Aunt Petunia embraced Harley tight. "Well, Harley has to go now, Aunt Petunia," Harry said as he motioned Uncle Vernon and the others to the kitchen. Harley wiggled free and happily let go of Aunt Petunia's tight embrace. "Well, come back whenever you want to, dear," Aunt Petunia said and Harley ran out of the door. "Wonderful child, I might say," said Uncle Vernon. "Kind of like a daughter we never had." Harry chuckled lightly and went up to his room.


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