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Look. I know where deep in this book rn. But I have written up to chapter 21 and currently at 22 and I thought I should give names and a seating arrangement to 3-A.
Now. We have no idea the kids in the upper classes of the hero course except the big three. Even then, no idea if their in 3-A or B. But I'm here, they in 3-A and I have made the rest of the students. Mostly just their name and quirk. Use your imagination on what they look like.
They will only be referred to as their name or boy or girl. Anyways. This is also the seating arrangement I made for the class.

Ignore my ugly hand writing

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Ignore my ugly hand writing. Then down below is the students

Seat 1
- Name: Tamaki Amajiki
- Quirk: Manifest
    - enhance his limbs with the characteristics of anything he consumes
    - Drawbacks: The transformation is maintained by the amount of the respective item within the user's system.
Seat 2
- Name: Daisuke Fijuta
- Quirk: Imagination
    - Can create anything he can think of in real life
    - Drawbacks: Migraines and Artist Block
Seat 3
- Name: Nejire Hado
- Quirk: Wave Motion
    - convert her vitality into energy that she can discharge as blast waves.
    - Drawbacks: uses her stamina and does not travel quickly, but its raw power can be used in a number of ways.
Seat 4
- Name: JoMei Hitabayashi
- Quirk: Forest
    - Ability to create any plants found in forest when he touches an inanimate object
    - Drawbacks: dehydration and migrant
Seat 5
- Name: Genko Ikeda
- Quirk: Gale Force
    - Create strong gust of wind with his breath or summon strong winds
    - Drawbacks: Easily gets lightheaded
Seat 6
- Name: Kaede Ishikawa
- Quirk: Thunder Bird
    - Wings sprouting from her back, she can conjure storms at while
    - Drawbacks: energy loss
Seat 7
- Name: Mayumi Ito
- Quirk: Refocus
    - Ability to refocus an opponents aim by looking at them, then at the point she wants them to focus on
    - Drawbacks: loss of sight over time
Seat 8
- Name: Kita Kato
- Quirk: Rune
    - Draw runes in mid-air and attach them to a person, each rune has a different effect on a person
    - Drawbacks: loss of stamina over time
Seat 9
- Name: (Y/n) (L/n) (Formerly Kurono)
- Quirk: Dream
    - Ability to see people's dreams and nightmares when she makes physical contact. Also able to see memories to an extent
    - Drawbacks: she becomes very tired and if she overused her quirk, she could pass out
Seat 10
- Name: Nori Matsumoto
- Quirk: Third Eye
    - Able to see a enemy's movements in advance and see the out come of a fight
    - Drawbacks: migraines and loss of eyesight
Seat 11
- Name: Gina Mori
- Quirk: Starry Night
    - Ability to form stars in her hand and throw them at her opponent or blind them
    - Drawbacks: severe burns show if overused
Seat 12
- Name: Mamoru Nakjima
- Quirk: Metal Manipulation
    - Control any metal around him
    - Drawbacks: loss of iron, calcium, and any other elements in his body
Seat 13
- Name: Chikako Nishimura
- Quirk: Probability
    - Making physical contact with someone or multiple people lets her predict the probability of what they will do and she can change the probability of a battle outcome
    - Drawbacks: severe migraines over time
Seat 14
- Name: Miko Suzuki
- Quirk: Smoke bomb
    - Secrete black smoke from his pores in large amounts very quickly. she can manipulate it
    - Drawbacks: Eye then grayish/black which blinds her sight over time
Seat 15
- Name: Botan Takahashi
- Quirk: Density Control
    - Able to control the density of his body.
    - Drawbacks: damage can be done overtime if quirk is used improperly
Seat 16
- Name: Haru Tanaka
- Quirk: Banchee
    - Let out a loud ear piercing scream which stuns his opponent
    - Drawbacks: loss of hearing if overused
Seat 17
- Name: Mirio Togata
- Quirk: Permeation (former)
    - ability to phase his body through physical matter.
    - Drawbacks: senses are negated when using this Quirk, as the necessary elements for them to work (light, oxygen, sound, etc.) will also pass through him.
Seat 18
- Name: Katashi Ueda
- Quirk: Astral Project
    - Able leave his body and sneak behind opponent
    - Drawbacks: limited time out before body starts grow cold and withers away
Seat 19
- Name: Osamu Yamamoto
- Quirk: Mirage
    - Can create anything that will distract his opponent
    - Drawbacks: headaches and loss of sight
Seat 20
- Name: Anka Yoshida
- Quirk: Angel
    - White wings come out of her back and can get anyone to listen to her words
    - Drawbacks: heat stroke

I really tried alphabetical order but hit snag with (Y/n) so I just placed you there off Chronostasis last name (Spoiler if you haven't been here awhile and just started reading. Your dad is Chronostasis and your adopted in this book)

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