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max was right in the middle of explaining a new trick she had mastered on her board to her small friend when her sentence got cut short at the sight of stacey, troy and their friends walking towards her and els table, surely something that did not occur oftenl.

"what's wrong?" el queried softly, concern and pure oblivion laced in her tone for she had no idea what had turned max so angry.

"what's wrong is that you're sitting on our table ellie bellie." a faked sweet tone resounded the air, one that could only belong to-

"stacey." max growled lowly, she had been waiting to confront the blonde for her behaviour towards her best friend since this morning. maybe this was her chance.

el held a gasp, what was happening right now? of course, she was used to the taunting and teasing of stacey and her friends but they had never done it in front of this many people.

by now, the volume of the large room had seemingly halved as students heads began to turn with curiosity.

"did you and your wanna-be hipster friend hear me, hopper? you are sitting on our table-"

before stacey could finish her sentence, two of troy's friends identified as aidan and dean had begun lifting el and max off of their seats, placing them half heart-idly back on the ground in front of stacey and troy, causing distressed squeals to escape their lips.

"what's going on over there?" a concerned dustin tried to see through the now heavily populated crowd that had gathered around the scene.

"it doesn't matter, just keep out of it." will replied quickly, keeping his head down in embarrassment.

mike, lucas and dustin on the other hand couldn't be more interested in what was currently going down only a few feet away from their table.

"thank you, boys." stacey blew a kiss to dean and aidan as she slowly sat down in the seat that a minute prior, was claimed by el.

"it seems like you've forgotten your place little ellie," the blonde started, motioning to troy with her finger that it was his turn to execute his part of the plan.

"hey!" el suddenly yelped helplessly as soon as she felt her backpack being yanked from her small shoulders.

"i don't think she belongs in high school, let alone on this table, stacey." the dirty-blond haired boy played along as he unzipped the bag in his hands painfully slow.

"cut it out, troy!" max finally spoke up, but to no avail, as troy and stacey simply continued their hellish taunting.

"i mean," troy continued, tipping the backpack upside down to spill its contents.

"look at all this childish stuff." he laughed.

"a kitten pencil case? a notebook with rainbow stickers? is that a unicorn phone case? wow, i didn't realise el hopper was still in the 6th grade!" stacey chuckled wickedly, looking around to make sure everyone was laughing with her.

and they did.

whether out of fear, confusion, pity, or genuine humour, the large crowd around them had suddenly turned into a blur of distorted snickers and grins.

"did she just say el hopper?" mikes ears propped up at that affirmation and suddenly he needed to get a closer look at the scene. the mere mention of the girl that had taken up his whole mind the past couple of days had him standing up from his seat as fast as a bolt of lighting hits the ground.

"who?" lucas asked genuinely, not having a single clue who the girl was.

the freckled boy ignored his friends innocent question in attempt to see the brunette for himself. and rest assured, he saw her.

he saw her kneeling on the floor collecting the contents of her bag in a hurry while a red headed girl next to her appeared to be helping her with the task.

el looked defeated, emotionless, her eyes where glassy yet no tears had fallen from her hazelnut eyes, almost as if she wouldn't let them.

"next time, just sit on one of the corner tables, where you belong, yeah?" this time stacey was addressing both of them, quite literally looking down on the two girls who were still tidying up troy's mess.

after gathering the remainder of her things, without even taking the time to properly zip up her bag, el raced out of the back doors that lead outside the school, her best friend not far on her tail.

oh how max wished she could punch stacey square in the face, hopefully breaking her perfect nose that she definitely got secret rhinoplasty for at the end of junior year. but she knew she had to tend to el above everything, and so she too left the scene.

as the crowd became less and less dense, mike watched in resentment as stacey, troy and all their friends sat on the table that was once accompanied by his history seat mate and her redheaded friend.

he so desperately wanted to follow el, see if she was okay, comfort her maybe. but he knew better than to leave his friends without explanation.

and so he sat back down, feeling a fool for being a classic bystander to what can easily be described as one thing: bullying.


a very wordy update but it was necessary for this part of the story so i hope that's okay! anyways i hate troy and stacey wbu lol. next update will be more social media oriented so don't worry! i hate my writing so much but i hope you enjoyed! thanks for reading and thanks for 5k reads!! :)

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