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Ever felt like the whole world collapsing around you. life was an endless, incomprehensible desert with a far away oasis in between but whenever the throat wanted to quench it's thirst....the oasis became a mirage...a shadow...a betrayal.

Hades....that one name was my truth, my reality, my beating heart.... everything. He was my everything.

Separation from him. I would accept my death before I accept that he is no longer mine.

But a deep dark corner of my heart provoked me saying it was meant to be this way...... everyone left me and at the end, I was alone.....always.

My heart was being crushed under the enormous guilt. I had never seen my mother, she left me before I could learn to call her and left behind a wounded Alpha father Alpha Damien.

My memories were blurred along the lines of dream and reality. But the more I try to reminisce, the more  cruel the world becomes.

My father loved me, I saw the pain, anguish he had to go through everyday for even taking breaths for his mate was long gone but he survived, he lived a life full of thorns....for me.

Then he disappeared too, leaving me in this vast lonely place without his love.

Tears freely flowed from my eyes as the horrific memories haunted me. The night that changed my life.

The stars covering the sky dimmed, darkness engulfing the moon. loud howls of agony ripping through the atmosphere.....symbolic of a beast

That night my father had locked himself in the basement giving me the key, asking with all his love and might not to open the door...ever.

He talked to me like it was our last time. That he was proud to have me, the unfanthomable protection of his arms disappeared as his arms pushed me away.

After that night the man whom I loved, my protector, my saviour, my best friend was gone and a horrendous monster took his place.

Huge claw marks covered the silver cell he was locked inside. The burning of his flesh as it came in contact with the walls made me cry harder, bile rising my throat.

2 months....those two horrific months I sat outside his cell, listening to those screams. My little fingers covering my ears.....but when the night of full moon came, it stopped......all stopped.

That painful scream of my father forced me to break all barriers of protection he had made for me and I did the biggest mistake of my life......I opened the door.

An evil smirk covered the once gentle face of my father, the orbs which used to shine with warmth were filled with maliciousness.

The oceanic blue irises were crimson red.

His arms which were once was my safe haven were painted scarlet with his own blood.

"Daddy I am so afraid." Tears streamed down my 4 year old face as he bared his sharp canines to me.

He came in front of me in a flash, his hands holding my body in a bruising grip.

"Daddy, you are hurting me." azure engulfed the red in his eyes as his hands pushed me into his chest releasing a deep cry.

"Persephone, you have to listen to me princess" the red colour trying to overpower the blues.

"Papa!" A stray tear escaped his eyes.

"You have to run princess, as far as you can " his voice cracked.

"Princess" his fingers softly patted my head, soothing my hair in a loving fatherly way.

"this door will not able to hold me any longer, run my brave Percy, run sweetheart till you find a black rose."

Last thing I saw was that the azure was destroyed by the red.


Two hands encircled my waist. I bit my lip releasing a sob.

"I-I feel so helpless Hades, I feel lost."

I turned around lowering my face into his chest as his hands held me with warmth and care...with so much love.

"You are so powerful Persephone your determination and valour is so opulent my Queen, you are my light in all darkness, my hope when the way is lost baby."

He gently cupped my face marked with dried tears, his lips touching my eyelids in petal soft kisses. A lingering kiss on my cheek calmed me as his arms scooped me up.

"The power you have over me Persephone is so very catastrophic that they are afraid." His body leaned towards me, his face just an inch away from mine.

"They should be."


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